Divisions of Mankind

Bullets of sweat rolled down her cheeks through her eyes,
her clothes were all shredded and her skin was darker than usual,
on the other end another young girl tried her best to gather funds,
funds that might help younger souls get education and food,
The engineers and wives signaled money only for signal implorers,
they earned more everytime the lights turned red,
the other one typed away until her eyes were red,
two corners of a society, one up there and one down there,
she was termed ‘underprevileged’ and her as an something unutterable,
When vehicles whizzed past at green light, her employer was at delight,
His eyes were set on the money she’d begged, little did the givers know,
She shared, commented and canvassed, none cared, none understood her plight,
Later they called her, ‘keyboard warrior’ and ridiculed her, none donated though,
Two corners of a society, one up there and one down there,
They both went home to one kid, one that was special for them,
one that didn’t have parents to look up, Two corners of a society, met there.


What is Love? ❤

What is love?, I wonder, pondering into myself,
Deep inside the forest there lies a small pond with flowers afloat,
Two swans with their necks intertwined silhouetteing a heart,
Is that love? Or is it that vivid imagination of mine,
My eyes try to search for a face in the chaos of my plate,
Maybe that is love? The rice showed me nothing,
Writhing inside for answers is that feeling unkempt,
A yearning to understand those melancholies of the cinema,
Imploring the meaning of those lyrics, the mind toils hard,
What is love? I might never know,
Significance of the red rose and the bled heart eludes my soul,
Desperation not, but what makes them time-ignorant in those phone calls?
Maybe the prospect of living together or the anticipations of things?
Or do they just lust about each other, mutually?
Would that be love? Maybe, maybe not,
Her touch and His kiss is revered, Tell me why,
Who defines the point of love from friendship?
So many questions, so many answers, but none for me,
What does a person who knows no love do?
He sits there with his pen dripping his heart onto the paper.
With a single question echoing within him, What is love?

~Let Me Know

The Chef-d’oeuvre

People usually fall in love, I didn’t, I woke up in love, I did,
Call me a moron, but I didn’t fall for you, fell for another ‘her’,
Fell deep into the sucking void of her glam and beauty, idiocy it was, blind sight,
Never saw that lady shadowing ‘her’, never knew that your shadow was my light,
She was shady, not dark, she was silent, her inner fire beautifully violent, splashing,
her confidence showed her might, her soul was a pretty sight, so was her art,
Her dangling bangles I never noticed before, lost in her tattoo I was,
My thoughts often started with atoms traveling through space-jumping  into blackholes,
But it was the past, thoughts did a full circle always jumping over your cheeky black mole,
Only the width of your heart made me stop in my tracks, butterfly farm it was,
Waking up to you after falling for the wrong person, I fell again, but you caught me,
Threw me to the sky, floating up there, like your spirit, free, radiant and ever warm,
The question of ‘The One’ never popped up, call it intuition, call it a sixth sense,
My sixth sensual she was, she often used to paint me, paint me with herself and love,
I could never make out those colours, it was a dizzy world of comfort, high on emotions,
Skipping her degrees for an alternate career she made me skip beats, swooning,
Her paintings I never understood, I understand now, standing over you,
Standing over your grave, I wake up again, wake up to see you in your canvas,
5 decades later I realized, I never fell for her, she did, I was her masterpiece.