We know

Short horror
I shouldn’t have survived! I SHOULDN'T HAVE SURVIVED! 
I lost my twin daughters to a frozen lake 8 months ago. 
I write this in hopes that my death will be a release from this torturous 
- With maximum guilt, Ria.
“Riaaaaa! What are you doing in there! Open the door! We can talk about this! Don’t do this. Please don’t leave me alone here. Please!”. Ravi was screaming and banging on the door frantically.

“Sheesh! Such a drama queen you’re!”, I let Ravi inside hesitantly. Though I was mad at him for coming late on my birthday, I couldn’t be completely angry at him. It was 3 months since I tried killing myself, I could not finish it. I had to pick myself up and get back to life. I met him 2 months ago and he knows everything about Anitha and Anisha and my previous relationship.

Ravi was dressed handsome and he reminded me of my Ex-Husband.

I pulled him inside and planted a kiss. Ravi surprised by my change of mind presented me with a pretty box, wrapped in gift paper. I opened it eagerly to find two bundles of bubble wrap.
“Wait before you open the wrap let me tell you a story.”, Ravi held my arms ever so softly.

The lights flickered and banging noises were heard from the floor above. Ignoring it Ravi started.

“In a faraway land there lives a hag, she was given a peculiar curse. She was immortal but she will keep ageing like a normal human and lose all her health and beauty like everyone else. She lives in the outskirts since everyone was creeped out by her and the only company she has are the dolls that resemble her kids. The whereabouts of her family are unknown. It is said that she sees faces beneath surfaces, faces of people who ask her for help. One can hear her screaming now and then when they pass by her shack- ”

“Honey why are you telling me this story? I don’t understand. You haven’t even wished me happy birthday”, I said a bit confused.

“Let me finish darling. She is often seen sitting in the old car holding the rusty steering wheel in one hand and the other holding her nose.” The smile from Ravi’s face didn’t change.

“Ravi, get out! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”

“Wait my dear, it is said that the car and her old house has messages written all over but they all are inverted, like this.” Ravi didn’t stop but his smile faded.
His pupils went behind his head and he lifted his T-shirt. And some words began to appear on his stomach and chest. They were inverted. He began to say something slowly, “….”
A voice of multiple personalities boomed, “We know”.
Ravi fell to the floor like a log.

Ria’s heart pounded, she slipped from the sofa and sat on the floor. Her mind raced back to a year back.

“Everything was set, The final task that needed to be executed was for her to kill him and the immortality serum will be hers” All she had to do was court him for a few months and get the codes into his lab. Though it took 2 years, a marriage and looking after his twin daughters, she did that flawlessly. She found the codes to his lab. But it’s the killing part Ria had messed up. Unaware that the kids were hiding in the boot space of the car, she drove the car into a frozen pond. Kids were not a part of her plan.
Narrowly escaping from the prickly cold water, she stood there watching the car drown slowly.

For some reason her heart decided not to budge when one of the twins banged from underneath the transparent sheet of ice. Even she doesn’t know if it was for the raging desire to achieve the immortal serum or if her heart was stone cold.
Her perfect set up to do a Suicide in front of the Billionaire Ravi worked perfectly. Her plans were working flawlessly, until this moment.

The lights went off.

“We know, WE KNOW!” Multiple voices bellowed through the room.
Ria laughed maniacally.
“You can’t kill me you idiots! I’m immortal now! I will have eternal youth, beauty and strength! No one can kill me!”
“We know” random inverted words were appearing all over the house.
“You can’t do anything to me! You can’t hurt me or do anything to me! I’m a God on earth!”, Ria screamed psychotically at the house.
“We know”

A paper flew from somewhere and landed near her. It had something written over it, it was inverted. She turned the paper and read. “The serum only makes people immortal, but people age naturally”

Ria’s heart stopped.

“the only company she had was the dolls she had from her youth…”
“We know”, It was a man’s voice.
The bubble wrap popped from inside and a little doll’s hand came out.

“We know” mouthed the dolls as they crawled slowly towards Ria.

Starry sky

Sky is a Star studded drape to the cosmic window,
To look at it is a marvel, to look beyond is ecstasy,
But decision depends directly on thyself,
To be outside the window or inside the room,
Inviting, may be the pleasures, exciting are the treasures
Of life that we ignore as infinitesimal, do you see?
Do you see the construction of the creation by the creator?
It is none, but a simple fact, the joy of living, joy of loving,
Indulge in banalities, you may, divulge in the beauty of aesthetics,
Decades later where do you stand? Beneath a tree sipping water?,
Or making art like hands of a potter?, or reduced to yearning for a quarter?,
Fall down in the mud, stepping up each time is a bud that will bloom,
Never fret, Never fear, Never give in to the gloom,
Let the wheels of coincidence decide your motion,
There isn’t a need to fuss or cause a Commotion,
Illuminate your canvass with stains and paints,
Be gratuitous, care for a soul, dare life and never play foul.

Cringe Attack: Senses

I was a northern state for a week and it was a great stay. The capital city of this state was a lovely one albeit its little discomforts. But one thing that reinforced in me was that your senses are sure to be the first point of attack every time you go out. As I returned home I realized that we wage a war of senses with the world we step out of our home. We win sometimes, we lose most times, but that doesn’t matter because every smell, every temperature, every sound, every pressure is an experience. I’ll leave the shade of feeling you feel to you. If this post makes you cringe, my job is done.


There are lots of things that you see with your eyes, like the orange coat sunset over the clouds, or the trippy half-cut side of a purple cabbage, or the way the coffee powder mixes slowly into milk. These are some soothing sights that you see in your day to day life which have a positive effect or not effect you.
Here comes the Attack.
The first attack I want to talk about is the one where you’re sprayed with Influenza infected droplets of death, Saliva. Sneezing is one of the most ungodly acts of human nature when done without closing mouth. I’ve been in a situation where a light behind a man highlighted his open sneeze and I saw the particulates fly off in every direction. Brrr. I ran before I got a fresh coat of Saliva.
Everyone loves eating, but some people manage to make it the most undesirable act of the century. They chew with the mouths so open that a Crow could come and pick some food off. Also, that sound that accompanies it. “Chowk Chowk Chowk”. Please.
Human body makes a lot of wastes, some of them are disgusting, some of them go unnoticed, I’m going talk about the disgusting one. Oh, not that one, but the one that comes from your eyes and nose. Doesn’t that little white goop in their eyes want to scratch out your own eyes? Or the gummy boogers you see having a fun time swinging in their nose hairs make you cut off your own nose? If you have felt the same way, Hello. Once I saw a man whose boogers slipped and fell into his soup. I wanted to jump out of my skin. I’m not saying everyone will be aware every time, but please for the love of god!
Have you ever sat in a restaurant or a coffee shop and someone bent down right before your face? Yes, getting a butt in your face is not the greatest thing while eating food. But that’s not the worst part, it’s the butt crack that makes you spit out your intestines. If you manage to think that, ‘it’s Butt, nothing but’ then you might be built for something stronger like the spitting.
Oh. It’s not the normal spitting. This is a special kind of spitting that makes you hate physics. The spit that curves. The phenomenal bus-window spit. This guy who has been ‘arachifying’ that pan in his mouth for the past 30 minutes chooses the exact moment right before you get up, before the vehicle halts at your bus stop, and he goes “plicchhhh” towards the windows. You must have seen rainbows? That’s how the spit curves. It curves from his mouth and hits the one behind his seat. That is, you, painting you in Red. As your tears mix with the pan, I’ll let you deal with that scarring image.


Ears are a wonderful sense to enjoy the world, the sweet music of the nature swishing and swooshing with winds, or the consistent tapping of rain on your window or the eargasm you feel when you hear the waves rock you to sleep. But there is another side to sounds. Naaais.
Here comes the attack
One might think this is the lesser of sensory attacks, but I have some tricks for this one. You might’ve experienced this, you’d be having lunch and there would be this one guy that will have his lunch and make sounds like a whale. You can literally hear him drinking his water, or munching his murukku.
Or those loud talkers in theatres who seem to make the most irritating noises of all. And there would be another couple that will making noises that mimic rats squeaking. Get a room please.
There are those idiots who tap the table during an important meeting. Man, that makes you so mad. They must be hung with their ID cards.
And you bathroom singers. Pothum da dei
You know, you’re moving in a line, standing in a que for a bank or even Pongal in kovil, then you hear a sound, “darrrrrrr”. Let’s pray to the mighty power above it was a one of those times where a hole was made in a fabric by tearing and not the people tearing a hole in the fabric of time by releasing body air. Ewww. IKR.

Mooku Varmam

This is my favourite/unfavourite part in this blog. My special wishes and condolences to nose for enduring so many things in life. Seriously Nose, You da man.
As the heading says, using nose is an art, it has a million good purposes, like taking in the sweet smell of vadai, or the fragrance of a flower or the olfactory treat of breathing in a new book. But at times certain things are thrust upon you and you can’t hold your breath always.
Here comes the attack
First let’s start with all bodily odours. I think a bus is the place where one can experience all the human based odours. First of all, sweat, that little salt droplet that rolls down from your underarm, ever so slowly that it progresses like the dooms day that’s coming towards us. While you’re engrossed in tracking that sweat bullet on your skin, the person standing behind you is grossed out by the unmissable gappu it creates. His poor nose is bombarded by nasal bomb from you. As he tried to move away from you, someone else releases something else among the bus crowd. This thing as strong as the Bomb Trump dropped over afghan. Beware, this one is the sum product of multiple dishes from the previous day that didn’t ferment properly inside your body. I really wish there was a fart detector in public places. People would run for life.
You go to the conductor to get ticket, but your heart stops for a few minutes as your face goes into different corners of your head. The smell of bad breath demands you! It demands you to be felt! This is such a horrible experience you know. You can’t express the insane amount of discomfort your nasal cavity faces wanting you to rip off the nose but also must continue the conversation until you get what you need. All his pan, unbrushed teeth, the onions he had, makes sure you count your blessings post this experience
Seri, okay you get down from the bus and another war. The mighty koovam. This ever-present river will make sure your olfactory senses are deactivated for a few moments such that you can’t breathe.
But the other thing that trumps this is public bathrooms. If there is a place where you want to train your senses, this is the ultimate dojo. Nose, eyes, and ears will be made sure you grow a new pair.
Nose Knows Everything.
After all this if you survive you’re the best.
Remember. Everyone has problems related to body, don’t take it lightly, make sure you fix it. Also make sure you don’t offend anyone with your words.

Divisions of Mankind

Bullets of sweat rolled down her cheeks through her eyes,
her clothes were all shredded and her skin was darker than usual,
on the other end another young girl tried her best to gather funds,
funds that might help younger souls get education and food,
The engineers and wives signaled money only for signal implorers,
they earned more everytime the lights turned red,
the other one typed away until her eyes were red,
two corners of a society, one up there and one down there,
she was termed ‘underprevileged’ and her as an something unutterable,
When vehicles whizzed past at green light, her employer was at delight,
His eyes were set on the money she’d begged, little did the givers know,
She shared, commented and canvassed, none cared, none understood her plight,
Later they called her, ‘keyboard warrior’ and ridiculed her, none donated though,
Two corners of a society, one up there and one down there,
They both went home to one kid, one that was special for them,
one that didn’t have parents to look up, Two corners of a society, met there.

போடு தகிட தகிட – ராஜமுழக்கம்


கூட்டம் அலை மோதும், கடலின் அலைகள் இசை ஓதும்,
அனல் பறக்கும் வெயிலில் மேடைமேல் ஒரு ராஜபார்ட்,
முகத்தில் சாயம், அகத்தில் சோகம் தோய்ந்த வேகம்,
இது கூத்து அல்ல, ஆட்டம் அல்ல,
கண்கள் ரெண்டும் நெருப்பு பிளிற,
நாசியிலிருந்து வீசும் வேகத்தில் காற்று குளிர,
கால்கள் ரெண்டும் தெறிச்சு ஆட,
பூமி சிதற வருகிறார், வருகிறார் ராஜா!
போடு தகிட தகிட, நம் கோடி பறக்க பறக்க.

இந்த அரங்கம் அதிரும் ஆட்டம் கண்டாயோ,
மையிட்ட அந்த விழிகளில், கலைஞனின் திமிரு வழியும்,
சூறை சினத்தின் வெளிப்பாடு இந்த நாட்டியம்,
அந்த களம் உதிரும் உத்திரம் பூசி,
காயங்கள் ஆறும், ஆட்சிகள் மாறும்,
தேர் குதிரையின் மார் கூட்டில் துடிக்கும் இதயம்,
எதிரிகளின் கூட்டில் பூட்டு தொங்கும்,
பொங்கும் சூரியனை தோளில் கொண்டு, வருகிறார் ராஜா,
போடு தகிட தகிட, மன்னன் வருகிறான் திசை தெறிக்க!

Drungen Mangi Shtyle

I had to go to a place near Mahabalipuram for an errand entrusted upon me on Friday, (en na sila moonjigala paatha than kothu vidanumnu thonum pola) and I was met with a certain situation while returning home which made me rethink my life choices. This peculiar situation flipped my perspective on life and made me feel like there is more to live in this life. You might have think I met with an accident or met a sage or at met a beautiful girl. Normal fate would have opted for any of the aforementioned options, but my fate had other ideas. I got to spend 90 odd minutes of bus travel with a man who was fully drunk.
He was not your average drunkard who you see outside Tasmac. But he was your party-peppy-yo-yo-mama guy, he was wearing shorts, a plain shirt, had a metal strapped watch and a bulky wallet because, well, because he wanted me to pick pocket it from him. Yes. That’s how it was.
I got into one of those Pondicherry busses. Unlike, our MTC bus, this one had a taller and better backrest and I think they could be classified as semi sleepers. I took a ticket to Thirvanmiyur bus stop and got a window seat luckily(?). I wanted go into pulavar mode and enjoy the fresh breeze, but No. Fast forward 15 minutes there comes this man. And mind you, in all my conscious life I have seen a man so drunk only a few times, after saying something to the conductor he came and sat down in the seat in front of me, and as fate ruled, I happened to stretch my legs which hit his legs below the seat and he came and sat down next to me stating that I’m free to stretch my legs now, that was the only freedom I had. He introduced himself to me and said that he is fully intoxicated, I, being creeped out by his sudden interference offered him the window seat in case he throws up. He refused straight away, and said he just had a few beers and shots. Now even more creeped up by his non-vomiting confidence, I decided to get up and move to another place. But no, also this guy saw me starting to get uncomfortable and didn’t let me go. He started calling me “bro”, he was around 40 years and he was calling me bro. Nera kodumai.
I nice ah took out my earphones and plugged it in, he noticed that. “Bro pesunga bro, people lam ippo pesavey maatranga, veetuku pona ava tv laye iruka neengalum pesa maatringa.” He was emotional. I was awkward. Dei, you have a wife da, I’m not your bro da.
“Bro illa light ah thookam varuthu, athan…” For fucks sake I called him bro. Ignoring my plea he started rambling something and all, starting from, meeting Sachib, seeing Amibath Bachab, Dhonib, Bodi, Banbogan Singb, and other intelligible worbs that I didn’t quite understand. His tongue was rolling like Vandu Murgan. I tried to avoid him by not talking. For 15 mins or so he stopped, then came the next stop where a family got into the bus.(Paavam avangalukum headwriting was kirukals pola) they proceeded to sit in the seat in front of us, but the Knight in drunken armour came to the seat’s rescue. He didn’t let them sit and argued with them, why? Because he wanted that seat aam, and there was an aavi of a dead person residing below the seat. Unable to hold in my laughter I laughed out, so did the family. The conductor tried to intervene, but believe me, he threatened that he will vomit on his tickets. (nuclear, biochemical laam enna weapon, ivan paarunga saraku vomit vechey bus ah hijack pannitan). The conductor tried his best to argue the man out of that seat. But he didn’t budge. He suddenly turned to me. (aiaiyo)
“intha bro kitta kelunga naa evlo decent aana family nu”. (flash backs to Winner thirudan comedy)
Unable to sit there another moment, I got up, pushed him down into this seat and got up and sat in the last row which was empty. There was no other empty seat, in the bus, appada sethan sekarunu I thought.
But Saniyan saraku adichitu nera en kitta than vanthuchu. Pakkathula iruntha uncle ah ezhupi vittutu ukkanthiruchu.(Flashes back to avar rendu ambathu, ivar rendu ambathu aagamotham cheers) Seri innaki pozhuthu ivan kooda than polayenu nenachen. Appo than he said, “Bro hold this, inthaanga” (he gives me this thick brown wallet, full of cards, cash and more) I gave him a Quizzical look and he explained that I wanted to hide his wallet so that he can blame the conductor for getting pickpocketed. (he was telling all this loudly enough for everyone to hear). Seri pogatum kazhuthaye nu I took his wallet. Apparam he forgot that somehow and showed an expression of vomiting. (again aiaiyo)
I got up from my seat, asked the window seat guy to clear and made him sit there, I still had the purse and his stuff. This guy, out of nowhere begins singing. Not knowing what to do, I sat there like Inji-thinna-something. He turned towards me and did the same expression vadivel does in that bagavathar scene. I knew that he was going to explode any minute. He was a time bomb ticking.
Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick Tock…
My stop was almost there, I proceeded to give his stuff to the conductor who said he’ll take care. appo than I noticed, his Ticket rate was way lower than mine. He was supposed to get down somewhere long before my stop.
After getting down, I saw the bus stop again shortly after few meters. He got down.
Onney onnu than I remember in that situation, “Manaivi amaivathellam kadavul kodutha varam, motor amaivathellam avan avan seitha venai”

Its just a Monday

Don’t go into the day with fear,
It’s not the deep blue sea to consume you,
Its just another day to go through,
Don’t let it consume you, conquer you,
After all, its another day to go through,
Let not the screen scare you with its numbers,
Or the traffic with its bumpers,
They just your managers, Don’t let them count your damages,
Do your job, after all its another day to go through,
Don’t let that keyboard clutter give you flutters,
Relish your coffee or that sour green tea,
Don’t footboard or drive dangerously,
If not your humans, the pet waits unremittingly,
Go home, its another day to go through,
Respect thy fellow being, every human and otherwise,
Make sure you keep that mind wrinkle free, be wise,
Sulking will do no good, laziness, make sure its dead,
Cheer yourself up, its just another day to go through,
Brush your hair, Kajal on, Get that bag, get a move on,
It’s not Don’tDay or Moanday, Its just another Monday.