His hips were moving in motion with hers, it was a dance, tension filled. She slowly held his arms as he guided her with his motion. It was 11.30 and the whole city was going to sleep, but not these two. Breathing a sigh of breath, he went and sat down on the nearby chair, he let her go as she settled into a comfortable position of her own. He lit his cigar and relaxed his arms taking in the dark humid night from his roof less terrace.

She called him to come back and he did with a smile. Holding her from the back he pulled her arms and uttered something in her ears, only the dark skies and the warm air would know.

Tearing the warm air, an Arrow pierced its targets with precision. The archer didn’t even try to move. He was standing there in the same position, feeling proud at how the arrow went through both the targets, its tip now dripping red.

He slowly let his compound bow down to the floor. It hit with a “thud”.

Earlier that day

El was furious. El had stomped out of the meeting hall after threatening to kill Yu if he didn’t sign the merger as agreed before. In a battle of the wits Yu managed to outwit El in a deal by simply changing a clause which might lead to a major loss for El’s firm. Graduating out of the same university, they met a few years after their graduation in a business meeting. Yu fell in love with El’s sexy secretary, Bea. But Bea had been rejecting El’s offers for a date. Long story short, Bea and Yu are now engaged and El is enraged.

Added to his anger for their relationship he was humiliated when Yu pointed out the clause which ruled out the shares in the favour of his firm.

Off late, El was seen in his archery ranch practicing his shots with visible anger. And that argument in the meeting had sparked off his rage and he stormed off threatening to kill Yu.


He revelled at how his aim did not miss the target. He suddenly sat down in the pranayama pose and began to meditate. From nowhere, a projectile hit his head. He slumped to the floor.

20 floors above and 2 blocks away, two bodies were dancing in the midnight sky. Yu was holding her from behind, putting her in posture. She was holding the slender hard thing in her hand. A slight jerk and Yu jumped.

“Hold the putt properly Bea

“What a weird game golf is!” Bea exclaimed as she let guide Yu guide her in swinging the golf putt. She swung it, her shot was powerful enough to launch the ball to the moon, but she almost let the golf putt slip away.

Next Day Morning

“Fuck off Bea, I’ll sue you both for this”, Yu banged on his hands on the table and motioned Bea to get away from his room.

He had caught her trying to steal some files from his cabinet.

Yu’s phone rang and his face was a mix of emotions. “El is dead”, he said to Bea, coldly.

Later that day

Though Yu’s plan didn’t go as he had planned, he was happy that El was gone for good. The sip of whiskey he took a slightly stung his chest, ignoring it he swung his putt. An explosion was heard. The explosion maimed Yu and he fell to the floor.

Hearing the blast, the killer hid himself and made sure that his gun’s safety was on. He did not want it to misfire like last time. He saw a disfigured Yu and breathed a sigh of relief, though both his plans had flopped, they both are dead now.

He called Bea to inform his success.

10 kilometres away Bea’s phone was ringing and she was convulsing and crawling on the floor towards the phone, but in vain. A diabetes injection lay there on the table.

CSI statements

Bea’s death

Though it might seem like Bea died from poison in her diabetes medicine, she didn’t actually die of poisoning. In anxiousness and urgency of taking her injection, she injected a rather large bubble into her system and it caused air embolism which gave her a heart attack.

El’s death It is weird how El died, His arrows were laced with poison and if not for his gloves he would have been dead long before the golf ball hit him. He was poisoned anyway.

His shoes had been primed to inject a poison into his feet.

But that’s not it. The golf ball is a modified grenade that didn’t go off like it was supposed to. One interesting factor is that this golf ball was dented hard, though golf balls are not dented buy putts, considering the situation I would say the person has a great swing.

The surprising thing is the golf ball didn’t kill him. He had a heart attack. Medical records state that it was his 3rd attack.

Yu’s Death

Yet another case where the victim was poisoned. Though unsure of why and the how, his drinking glasses and his gloves had trace amounts of poison.

An astonishing fact it that at the place of crime there was only one explosion heard but there are two points of explosion. One is his mouth where he must have had his cigar, and the second one was near the edge of the open terrace. The fantastic thing about this golf ball that hit him was a similar one from El’s death; It was a golf ball that was modified to explode on contact.

Unconvinced about his mode of death, I dug in deeper and found out that he was having a heart attack before/during the time of the simultaneous explosions. On doing biopsy I found out that the Cigar didn’t have enough power to kill him but only disfigure his face and the golf ball explosion was too far to have affected him, so he died of Heart attack.

Only thing I’m not able to explain is the hole in the glass window.

Killer’s Night out.

Buu was a Nepalese Bea had hired to kill El and Yu. She had instructed him to stage a kidnapping when she was with Yu so that she can use the staging to get the files she needed. Buu was also instructed to plant poison in El’s shoes.

But as fate planned something Else for them, he dropped his phone onto the floor in the dark and his gun silenced went off when he accidentally banged his hand on the table. The same call made Bea jerk and give more power than intended, making the ball float into the dark skies.

Buu who was two floors below fired the shot. The explosive yet defective golf ball didn’t burst when the bullet hit it. Rather it travelled in El’s direction with the help of physics.


H.Gustav Magnus sees the effect of a ball curving due to difference in pressure around the ball.

With blessings from Isaac Newton’s ghost, the effect is named as Magnus effect.