We know

Short horror
I shouldn’t have survived! I SHOULDN'T HAVE SURVIVED! 
I lost my twin daughters to a frozen lake 8 months ago. 
I write this in hopes that my death will be a release from this torturous 
- With maximum guilt, Ria.
“Riaaaaa! What are you doing in there! Open the door! We can talk about this! Don’t do this. Please don’t leave me alone here. Please!”. Ravi was screaming and banging on the door frantically.

“Sheesh! Such a drama queen you’re!”, I let Ravi inside hesitantly. Though I was mad at him for coming late on my birthday, I couldn’t be completely angry at him. It was 3 months since I tried killing myself, I could not finish it. I had to pick myself up and get back to life. I met him 2 months ago and he knows everything about Anitha and Anisha and my previous relationship.

Ravi was dressed handsome and he reminded me of my Ex-Husband.

I pulled him inside and planted a kiss. Ravi surprised by my change of mind presented me with a pretty box, wrapped in gift paper. I opened it eagerly to find two bundles of bubble wrap.
“Wait before you open the wrap let me tell you a story.”, Ravi held my arms ever so softly.

The lights flickered and banging noises were heard from the floor above. Ignoring it Ravi started.

“In a faraway land there lives a hag, she was given a peculiar curse. She was immortal but she will keep ageing like a normal human and lose all her health and beauty like everyone else. She lives in the outskirts since everyone was creeped out by her and the only company she has are the dolls that resemble her kids. The whereabouts of her family are unknown. It is said that she sees faces beneath surfaces, faces of people who ask her for help. One can hear her screaming now and then when they pass by her shack- ”

“Honey why are you telling me this story? I don’t understand. You haven’t even wished me happy birthday”, I said a bit confused.

“Let me finish darling. She is often seen sitting in the old car holding the rusty steering wheel in one hand and the other holding her nose.” The smile from Ravi’s face didn’t change.

“Ravi, get out! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”

“Wait my dear, it is said that the car and her old house has messages written all over but they all are inverted, like this.” Ravi didn’t stop but his smile faded.
His pupils went behind his head and he lifted his T-shirt. And some words began to appear on his stomach and chest. They were inverted. He began to say something slowly, “….”
A voice of multiple personalities boomed, “We know”.
Ravi fell to the floor like a log.

Ria’s heart pounded, she slipped from the sofa and sat on the floor. Her mind raced back to a year back.

“Everything was set, The final task that needed to be executed was for her to kill him and the immortality serum will be hers” All she had to do was court him for a few months and get the codes into his lab. Though it took 2 years, a marriage and looking after his twin daughters, she did that flawlessly. She found the codes to his lab. But it’s the killing part Ria had messed up. Unaware that the kids were hiding in the boot space of the car, she drove the car into a frozen pond. Kids were not a part of her plan.
Narrowly escaping from the prickly cold water, she stood there watching the car drown slowly.

For some reason her heart decided not to budge when one of the twins banged from underneath the transparent sheet of ice. Even she doesn’t know if it was for the raging desire to achieve the immortal serum or if her heart was stone cold.
Her perfect set up to do a Suicide in front of the Billionaire Ravi worked perfectly. Her plans were working flawlessly, until this moment.

The lights went off.

“We know, WE KNOW!” Multiple voices bellowed through the room.
Ria laughed maniacally.
“You can’t kill me you idiots! I’m immortal now! I will have eternal youth, beauty and strength! No one can kill me!”
“We know” random inverted words were appearing all over the house.
“You can’t do anything to me! You can’t hurt me or do anything to me! I’m a God on earth!”, Ria screamed psychotically at the house.
“We know”

A paper flew from somewhere and landed near her. It had something written over it, it was inverted. She turned the paper and read. “The serum only makes people immortal, but people age naturally”

Ria’s heart stopped.

“the only company she had was the dolls she had from her youth…”
“We know”, It was a man’s voice.
The bubble wrap popped from inside and a little doll’s hand came out.

“We know” mouthed the dolls as they crawled slowly towards Ria.

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