Square one

Is this what this is?,
My mind is confused,
My heart is fused,
With love you doused me,
Is this where we say ‘we’?,
Mixed are my emotions now,
But beware, I’m not as pure as a dove,
Mind prays this isn’t a comic episode,
If its true, life will praise they way we rode,
If it isn’t, this’ll be a great memory to laugh about,
When we’re older, bonded stronger with no doubt,
Let life find its way, and we go by it,
Here’s to hoping that it would be to our fit,
For ever and ever, never say never,
To love and friendship.

Those are the words of the past,
The emotions of yesteryear prick now,
Maybe its time to pick myself up, but how?
shredded red, punctured pores,
the butterflies are moths, the flowers are stalks.
walls are painted yellow, deary, grim and raw,
fossils of a long lost love linger lonely,
only remains remain,
years ago, everything was dreamy and possibly positive,
the silver linings of a secret cloud gave confidence,
but the cloud drowned the life out of the soul,
soul, that one thing I lent,
mangled and ripped and slashed,
in a sweet little parcel it was sent,
time flies, life is okay now,
okay means square one.



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