Dated 13-01-17
This is a rant of person who is traveling along the scenic ECR route to mahabalipuram in an ultra-deluxe bus whose thoughts, opinions and imaginations are fuelled by his yearning to write something and his wish for a non-hypocritical society. He is also partially high on melancholies from Rahman and Zimmer.

My friends and colleagues tell me that I ask lot of questions, though I object that, I secretly nod to myself. Hell yeah, I ask a lot of questions. I like to look at life lik-, *mind voice* tha wait tomorrow is Pongal.  My office being a generous one has given me off till Monday. Now, I’ve started thinking about what I’ll be doing on Pongal day, now that tradition is the hot topic of town, I couldn’t think anything more than a Pongal-ah-thinnutu-thoongarthu routine. I might also eat a lesser count vadai thisseason, but that is a lie which you all know.  I might also be wearing a veshti which I don’t know how to properly wear over my waist and a jigu jigu shirt whose last button will be chocked to death by our thoppai we’ve been growing out of spite and of those extra vadais I spoke previously of. Now what is so traditional about this? What are the values I learn from this? May be something in the TV will teach me about our Pongal heritage? Seri TV ah pota, All I would see would be a girl wearing a dress completely unrelated to the location she was in and the hero doing movements completely oblivious to the music going on. Now that would be boring, and I would want to switch to DD. But people at my home would like to switch to DD too. Antha DD la voice eh varathu, Intha DD la irunthu noise mattum varum.

Seri Facebook vantha Jallikattu posts ah irukum, well that’s okay, it’s one of those things we can appreciate these days. Young people doing the right thing. But I see many who don’t know whats actually going on behind this thing.  A government judiciary body asked us to tame lions, maybe they thought lions were fiercer than a bull running towards you with 20k pounds of force with almost 8 inch horns. Wait, may be they know we have singam 3!! Seri kazhutha paanaila aachum pongal vekkroma athuvum illa, ishtathuku cook panni paanaiku bathila yaanai aayidrom. The value of pongal lies in the health of a person and people around them. Karumbu ah vechi vadivel master maari pose kudutha mattum pothathu, athu en nu therinjikanum. Hastag #Tradition #Karumbu nu potutu monday poi pizza thaney saapda porom.

Seri atha vidunga. Pongalku than enna panrathunu therlana, pakkinga Diwalikum ithan panrom. Onnu Tradition padi vedi eh namaku kedayathu ozhunga Velaku ethitu poi padunganu solanum, illa vehicles will cause pollution, use public transportnu solanum, atha vittutu, annaiki oru naal naala ulagam azhunjidumu sonna “saami kannula saami kuthings” da dei!  Night nalla saaptu vedipom, appadiye saapta naamalum vedipom.

Ithellam potum. Traditionnu pesrom, apparam why use grinder? Why use tube light instead of agal vilakku?  why use laptop and phone?

I know you feel those questions are highly stupid and senseless. But in reality would you shed all the technology and go 100 years back?


We can’t, because we humans are organisms built for growth and development. It is encoded in us to grow, to be inquisitive and to reach out to the next possible thing.  Traditions aren’t the ones we should be holding onto blindly. But traditions are the ones we hold for a long time because they are morally and humanely correct for us and the people around us. There is no use in wearing ottiko kattiko veshti with jockey jetti inside. Try to wear kathar veshti or a dress that was locally made, atleast during festivals. Try to buy groceries from the local vendor, try to feed animals around your  place. Take up good values and hold on to them so that the world will accept them as traditions in future. Maatu pongal annaiku Happy birthdaynu solrathuku bathila neja maadungaluku soru veinga.

Why I’m talking about all these things? Because my facebook memories tell me I did the same stuff few years back, and I’ve been on the other side of this post.

Ponga, pongal nalla pongum. Kaka ku oru estra vadai veinga.


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