Why Jan 1?

At this moment I hear people bursting crackers and shouting out on roads and celebrating new year. But why Jan 1?

What has changed?

Has our Appa calling us “thandasoru”, changed?
Has our best friend calling us eruma maadu, changed?
Would your spouse love you more than before?
Would your husband cook more for you?
Would your parents understand your earning for doing something out of pure interest and drive?
Would the effect of your daily cigarettes affect your lungs lesser?
Would your dirty jetti wash itself?
Will your company and boss give you extra salary?
Do you think you can reduce that little belly fat and become fit?
Would you donate a part of your salary to charity post Jan 1?

Why do people choose Jan 1 to celebrate?
Why does this day mark such a special occasion all over the world? Most of us Indians don’t even have the need to follow the Gregorian Calander outside our jobs, we may be use them for uniformity. Most of our parents use their own religious calendars even now. But why have we adopted this one? This wave of new year go around the world even in countries that don’t follow this calendar. Why go to pubs and clubs and dance away till our hips lie and drink till our lips lie? Why spend thousands on crackers and watch so called fireworks. Hell, we even adopted it into our diwali scheme. Why Jan1?

I think I know why.


Hope,that little thing that keeps us running 365 days and 24 hours throughout the year. The hope for a better life, The hope of something better than what you had today. The hope of your close ones will become closer to you. The little shimmering ray of light that will keep you alive to face the next day. That special thing, Hope is what makes this Jan 1 special. Believe me there is nothing else special about January 1st. For Indians we have pongal, other wise no emotional pongal. So Keep that Hope living.

Let that hope feed your passion, let that hope help you reach your goals. let that hope make you kiss your man. Let that hope make you hug your kids more. Let that hope make you travel alone. Let that hope make you read more books. Let that hope make your parents believe you. Let that hope make you adopt more pets. Let that hope Give you a better year.

Let that Hope live.

May Coincidence ever be in your Favor.

Happy New year



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