Ashwin’s home
Achu! dei Achu, inga konjam vaayen, ammaku help pannu


Dei Ashwin! inga vaada”.

Yes ma, coming, iruu”, Ashwin walked lankily into kitchen to find his mother holding a karandi in one hand and a recipe book in another.

Ashwin was confused, she kept on motioning her eyes towards something but he didn’t get it. He didn’t understand why his mom didn’t use her mouth to tell it out loud. Before he could ask something-

Dei antha thatla maavu vechiruken paaru, atha eduthu inga mela vei, paathu edu”,

Ashwin picked up the plate obediently and looked at it for a moment, small red ants were crawling over it, “Maa erumbu maa”, before he could finish his sentence a glare distracted his sight, and he sneezed and immediately shielded his eyes.

Amma was standing there with maavu all over her face and hair, she sneezed quite a few times too, but it was an angry sneeze.


Ashok’s residence

Ashok, the Area inspector’s son, was laughing from the opposite house. He threw his binocular on the bed and was rolling on the floor laughing.

The feather from his hand flew outside the widow and landed on Ramya’s house 5 houses away.

Ramya’s Place

Her mother was tearing and Ramya was trying to console her. Though Ramya was sad, she was a strong girl. She knew how to handle grief.



Donald’s Mortuary

Mr.Donald, the illegal organ butcher, was removing internal organs of a brain dead patient whom he declared dead in front of his friends and family a moment ago.


2 days later

Mr.Donald was driving his Mini Cooper patiently, but the excitement made him speed up, he hit 90. A puppy came out of nowhere before his car stood there frightened. Trying to avoid the pupper, he turned his steering wheel to the right. A momentary lapse.

The puppy crossed the other side and started brushing itself around the owner’s leg. It felt loved.

Ramya started walking towards Ashok with a smile.

Ashwin stood there confused.


Ashwin stood there, paavama, His mother’s archanai was not new to him, but the thing was he was not able to withhold his laughter. His mother’s scolding was harsh and she called him all kinds of animal names, but it waqs her flour covered face and hair that made him snigger externally and rofl internally. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he used this escape from kazhuvi oothings.

It was a message from Ramya, she had replied “Yes”

He was very happy that she had accepted and replied yes. But he really wished that this yes was also for another thing he wanted from, “One by one da achu, one by one”, he thought. But he was happy with the current situation. He felt as if his life was settled. He wanted to run straight to her home and hug her. But decency prevented him from doing so. Ashwin started waiting for 5 o’clock evening.

Ashok, Ramya’s best friend, received a message saying that she was going to meet Ashwin at Besant nagar. Ashok was infuriated. He did not like them getting close. Ever since she joined that class with him she started meeting ashwin him often and he felt that she began to ignore him. He hated the way everyone called Ashwin, “Achu, achu”. It was cute and he hated it with passion.

Ramya was ashok’s collegemate and he liked her secretly, but never got the guts to propose to her.


5 o’clock.

Ramya was wearing a pink saree and had a small gift in her hand. She looked decorated and pretty that evening. She was waiting at the corner of the busstand. She seemed excited and her eyes were searching for someone her and there.

Ashwin was there, He was wearing trousers and an oversized T-shirt. He had a bunch of roses in his hand and also had a small note in his hand.

aandava, ithula than ellathayum ezhuthiruken, ava eppadiyachum ithula irukartha purinjikanum”. He approached her with a sheepish smile.

He called out to her and waved his hand. She also frantically waved his hand at him. “Hi Achu— “ , A bike came in fast and skidded in-between Ramya and Ashwin. Ashok got down and started hitting Ashwin, and Ashwin was trying hard to defend himself. Ramya was shouting at the top of her lungs asking Ashok to stop but he did not listen. As they both rolled on the road, a siren sound was heard.

Hearing this Ashok, thought it was his father’s rounds he got on his bike. He warned him not to contact her again.

Ramya, confused now, was furious at Ashok, but she didn’t want to make a scene now tried to help Ashwin. But he refused and didn’t even look at her face.Shocked and frightened a bit, he walked back home. He threw the roses into a bin and walked back home rubbing his red cheeks.

An Ambulance whizzed through the road a few moments later towards Donald’s mortuary.


8 o’clock

Ashwin never replied to Ramya’s messages. Weirdly, he kept on sneezing continuously.

Ashok was uneasily pacing in his room, he regretted doing something like that 2 days before her birthday.

Ramya was scrolling through facebook, her feed was full of cats and dogs, a true pet lover she was. She hated that her pet dog was not with her now.


Ramya’s Birthday.

Ramya had texted Ashwin to come to the same place in besant nagar on the same time, They somehow patched things up. Ashwin glanced at that note lying on his desk.

Ashok was too excited and a bit anxious to meet her. He had bought her a puppy today morning and was going to gift it to her. She had not talked to him for the past two days. She somehow replied, “Yes” after he begged so many times to see her. Ashok wanted to tell two special things to her. About his love and about his superpower.


[Ashok’s backstory]
Ashok was the area inspector’s son. He was Ramya’s classmate and busmate in college, area mate too. He liked her so much but never found courage to tell it out to loud. All the four years they were best friends and he developed feelings for her somehow.
There is something special about Ashok. He has a very simple super power; he can make anyone sneeze. There are 3 conditions about the power.
  1. To have control over someone’s sneeze, they must sneeze themselves.
  2. They can control victim’s sneeze if it’s the only face they see. If they remember another face or see another face the control goes away for 1 hour.
  3. The power can be transferred onto another when the third person touches their tongue.
Ashok often used feather to make himself sneeze.

Ashok had called one of his friends to accompany him and asked him to take video of him proposing her from a distance. He had asked him to hold the puppy until he signals him.

Ashok crossed road to the place where Ramya was standing. He was irritated and angry to see them both talk but didn’t want to make another stupid move. He saw “Achu” hand her a note, a gift and a few roses.


Ashwin was standing on the other end of the road. He had a note in his hand. He approached Ramya slowly with a small fear, smiling, she came forward and held out her hand, “Friends?”. He wished Ramya happy birthday and gave her gifts and the note.

Pleasenga, konjam time kulla mudichi kudthudunga, Pona vaati maari sothapidathinga, inthanga rose.”  Ramya sniggered.

Ammava ketenu sollu” and walked back with a smiling towards Ashok.


[Ashwin backstory]
“Dei Ashwin, inga va”
“Yes sir”
“Itha ezhuthunathu yaaru?”
“Naan than sir”
“enda ippadi pulugura? Firstu 30 page vera handwriting azhaga iruku, micha page ellam inkla vizhuntha karapan poochi page mela ooduna maari iruku”
“Sir… athu vanthu”
“Po, poi marubadiyum ezhuthitu vaa”
“Poda!, thooki adichiruven paathuko”
*Texting Ramya*
Enga neenga nalla record ezhuthuvinga varavinganu amma sonnathunaala than unga kitta kuduthen, paathi ezhutitu mudilanu soltinga. Kaasu kooda pay panrenga, puthusa ezhuthi thaanga please! antha sotta thalaiyan saavadikiran.


Ramya walks towards Ashok with a smile. She slowly goes near him and gives him a hard slap.

Fazed, Ashok stands demanding an explanation.

Enna, enna love panriya?, unna nalla friend ah thaney pathen, unaku kudutha respect ah ippadi than treat pannuviya? Avana ennamo ethuku adicha? Herova nee? Naa yaar kooda pesna unaku en erith–” before she could complete her sentence the sound of screeching tires were heard.

A puppy jumped from Ravi’s hand and was crossing the road haphazardly.


[Donald’s Backstory]
Donald was a what you’d call a Poli Doctor, though he studied medicine he never managed to get the degree. He failed in most of the subjects and was a drug addict too. 2 days ago he had received a request for a kidney for an elite VIP for a very high payment. But his bad time he did not get the right body or donor to steal from. Only a few moments ago, he received that message that a new brain dead body is there and he can take parts out of it. He has been doing this intelligently for years without anyone knowing.


He was speeding in his Mini Cooper until he, saw the small puppy wandering on the road. He slammed the brakes, and the car screeched to a halt. A moment of lapse would’ve killed the puppy. Ramya continued, seeing the Mini Cooper proceed in its way, “Engappa erantha bothu, I thought you were getting close to me out of friendship, but I never thought you’d do something stupid like this. Enaku un mooji ah paakavey pudikala.

[Ramya’s backstory]
Ramya’s father was a painter and often took painting contract of large houses and flats. He fell from third floor while painting Ashwin’s flat and was declared dead after 3 days. Ashwin’s mother, helped Ramya and family during the grim times. Ashok came to know Ramya, when her father told that her daughter has also joined the same college
But, Ramya’s father was only brain dead. Donald waited for 3 days and declared him dead so that he could harvest the organs from him.


Ramya took a moment to breathe. The puppy came near Ashok’s leg and sneezed. Recognising his scent, it started playing around his leg. Ashok lifted the puppy and gave it to her explaining her that it’s her gift. But the dog refused to go to Ramya and jumped back to Ashok. Ashok hung his head in silence.

There was loud noise, as if something crashed.

A Mini Cooper was on fire at a distance and people were dragging someone out of it.

It was Donald.

[Puppy’s back story]
The puppy had lost its mother 2 days ago, from a car accident. The vehicle was unidentified, but the puppy remembered that car. It was a Mini Cooper. Someone had taken the puppies to the local Kennel and handed it to them. Ashok had picked this puppy from the Kennel. Though he loved the way it was playing, he wanted to give it to her to prove his love. It kept on licking Ashok, when he slept, when he ate, when he peed.
Ashok never noticed that it had licked his tongue when it tried to wake him up today after noon.
He never realized his powers were gone.

Ramya walked away from the scene thinking of the guy she met two days ago, in her friend’s reception. “Of course, anyone would be impressed by that pink saree”, she thought.




Square one

Is this what this is?,
My mind is confused,
My heart is fused,
With love you doused me,
Is this where we say ‘we’?,
Mixed are my emotions now,
But beware, I’m not as pure as a dove,
Mind prays this isn’t a comic episode,
If its true, life will praise they way we rode,
If it isn’t, this’ll be a great memory to laugh about,
When we’re older, bonded stronger with no doubt,
Let life find its way, and we go by it,
Here’s to hoping that it would be to our fit,
For ever and ever, never say never,
To love and friendship.

Those are the words of the past,
The emotions of yesteryear prick now,
Maybe its time to pick myself up, but how?
shredded red, punctured pores,
the butterflies are moths, the flowers are stalks.
walls are painted yellow, deary, grim and raw,
fossils of a long lost love linger lonely,
only remains remain,
years ago, everything was dreamy and possibly positive,
the silver linings of a secret cloud gave confidence,
but the cloud drowned the life out of the soul,
soul, that one thing I lent,
mangled and ripped and slashed,
in a sweet little parcel it was sent,
time flies, life is okay now,
okay means square one.


The Approach

These days there is no deficit for news, isn’t it?
Now, for the past week and more the buzz has been about Jallikattu and banning of Peta and other related organizations who helped in banning Jallikattu. The whole of Tamil Nadu is uprising, with youngsters leading the front of all these silent protests. Chennai, especially Marina is seeing at least 50k people, made up mostly of youngsters protesting against Peta and other bodies who had a hand in banning Jallikattu. I’m very happy and surprised to see such a protest in Tamil Nadu. This protest has so far been peaceful and calm except for a few here and theres. A few noble channels are covering the ongoing events and most national media are ignoring this issue as they’d ignore the boogers from their nose, because a Khan was acquitted or a Pakodane was in a Xxx rated movie. Because we’re just Madrasis. Well, never mind about that.
Now getting straight to the point. Are we going in the right direction and is our method of protesting against Peta the right process? Are we asking the right questions?
I’m gonna say it is 90% right approach and 10% a misdirected approach. Mind you, I’m not saying that the approach is wrong but it is misguided. Let me tell you what I learnt in 2 days from a little googling, bear me when I talk about this 10%.

: I’m also gonna be asking questions all the way through this write-up, people who know the proper answer, let me know.

The 90%

Basics: Jallikattu comes from Salli + Kattu.

Salli = gold and silver coins (sillarai)
Kattu = Tying it to the bull’s horns
Peta = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
AWBI = Animal Welfare Board of India
CUPA = Compassion Unlimited Plus Action
Jallikattu or Sallikattu is a sport that involves taming of a bulls that can be later used as the alpha for mating with females. These selected bulls are considered to be the virile and have better characteristics than other bulls. When these bulls are allowed to mate, they produce a strong offspring, be it male or female. They will produce offsprings when let to mate themselves, but them being a semi-domestic animal, especially farmer’s, they need to be tamed to find the best bull. If you’re gonna tell me to let go of domestication of animals, kindly look at your cats, dogs you own, and the Chicken and mutton you eat.

My question: All the bulls that win are chosen to mate. Is there a way of choosing Females, and what of bulls that don’t get selected?

Basics: 90,000 cows to 20,000 in two decades

About 130 cattle breeds were in India 100 years ago, now only 37 remain. My guess it that the other breeds that became extinct were due to similar reasons that is happening right now. But we need to know what exactly wiped out so many breeds in India. This can be used for preserving the current breeds.
Tamil Nadu has six Native cattle breeds; Alambadi, Kangayam, Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Barugur and Malai Maadu. Now Alambadi is extinct. There are other minor breeds which haven’t been documented and are also on the verge of extinction.

are known for their Endurance. Alambadi cattle is a very hardy animal, and is very useful in ploughing and can withstand all climatic conditions. They were also known to give good amount of milk.
Kangayams are fed on grasses in the calcium rich soil are the sturdiest animals and can pull up to 2.5 times their body weight with ease. Their Milk has one of the highest nutritious value with no bad fat.
Umbalacherys have shorter legs which make it easy for them to walk around in the water filled fields of the delta region. Best suited for the Kaveri delta alluvium. This breed is suitable for ploughing, carting, threshing and levelling in marshy paddy fields because of its medium size
Bargur is a draught cattle breed found around Bargur hills of Erode district of Tamil Nadu. They’re mainly used in hilly terrain agriculture; this breed is also well known for its trotting ability.
Malai Maadus in Theni district are grazed in reserve forests and are adept at walking around in hilly terrain.
Pulikulam, are herded in several hundreds and walk all day grazing before being penned for the night. The breed is not meant for milk production and only a few animals are milked in a large herd for consumption by herdsman. The animals are also reared for manure purpose.
The count of cows has been steadily going down since the 1990s and there has not been a single change or reform since 1991 by any government regarding the downfall of native breeds.

What the ban has done/will do to us: This ban of Jallikattu will be one of the major factors of native Cow breeds going extinct.

This will lead to things like artificial Insemination of cows, introduction of non-native cows, induction of non-native milk products which will affect local farmers and herders. This will become an advantage for foreign associations to often interfere with traditional processes and cultural heritage.
This will lead to production of A1 milk. Our native breeds produce A2 milk which contains beta-casein which helps in reducing chances of multiple disorders like Alzheimer’s, Autism etc. A1 milk produced by foreign breeds will lead to many number of diseases like diabetes, heart diseases .


My questions: What made the Government think that native cows have less value?
Forget Jallikattu, Did anyone explain about the A1 and A2 type milk to the government?
Does the AWBi care only for animals, what about farmers? Isn’t this an human rights offence?
Even so, shouldn’t an alternate solution be offered instead of bringing in foreign cows?

What we’re doing in the protest: Right now at this moment, we’re protesting non-violently raising slogans against the ban of Jallikattu

We have gathered at multiple places in the state, with schools and colleges declared leave. the whole of Tamil nadu has erupted with youngsters leading the protests and not falling under a single leader. We’re acting upon our own thoughts and inhibitions.
The protest slogans are going like this “சின்னம்மா சின்னம்மா OPS எங்கம்மா?”
“செல்வத்துள் செல்வம் செவிச்செல்வம், எங்கம்மா பண்ணிசெல்வம்?”
“OPS= *Tha.PS”
“மோடி மோடி சென்னைக்கு வாடி”
“ஆடிங் *tha
வெளிய போடா peta
வராதே Tata”
We have gathered against a particular body called Peta and raising our voice against people who head that group. We’re currently trending top in facebook with the hastag #Jallikattu. We’re creating revolutionary memes that mock the ban and also send a hard message to people all around the world. This social media has made us join hands and go against people who oppress us.

My Questions: Why doesn’t the government take such a trending topic on the social network as a major issue? What are the laws and regulations regarding a mass uprising of people?
What are laws against a protest? When are the police allowed to charge and touch people? Who governs this?

The Things we’re doing right in the protest: Showing our strength and unity in a very calm manner towards the ban and using non-violent ways to show our support for lifting the ban.

The 10%

Now, here is the 10% part where I wanted to talk about.

The Things we’re doing wrong in the protest.

We’re being too emotional. I’d like to state a few things that that I felt were only fuelled only by emotions and not by logical thinking or towards a proper solution.
  • Stop asking only for #BanPeta. Start asking for a Ban on Foreign Boards That interfere with Traditional proceedings. Let an Indian or a Thamizhan manage his own.
  • Use #AmendPCA as slogan instead of bringing in the stupid politicians whom we voted to power. Learn about PCA or THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT. Make people aware of what you’re fighting for and what you actually need from this protest. Simply getting together in a place is not going to get people look at you enough. Raise your voice for the right act.
  • Start asking for names of people who had the power to change and alter this ban but didn’t act upon it, instead of publicly defaming people who support the organizations. Ask for laws that can be Implemented upon this.


Be civil.
  • Stop thinking that you protesting outside your IT offices by boycotting work is going to affect foreign corporations. As ever, you’d be yet another employee that took leave. Your work only will be pending when you return to office. No company will tell its client that their work is pending because of Jallikattu protests. You’re just another employee for them.


Don’t spread rumours.
  • Don’t utter news that you don’t know is true. Don’t pass on information for fun.
  • There is no official news of Mariappan Thangavelu giving up his Gold medal. Don’t expect him to.
  • The jersey bulls that landed in Chennai was not for us. It was for Gujarat. These are the effects of banning native breeds.
  • Don’t share photos you don’t know are true are, or aren’t taken by you
  • Jadeja hasn’t tweeted about Jallikattu.
  • Don’t keep children with you in your protests, in this sun. Don’t let them toil for the mistakes we let happen. Instead teach them our values and our rich heritage. Try to avoid your pregnant wives and very old parents from standing in sensitive areas of the protest.
  • Please do not go to protest just to bunk college or office. It pains to see such kind of crowd.
  • If you want to protest against a foreign company, there is no use in “buying” their products and destroying it later. That’s the dumbest thing. If you’d like protest against the government or some board, try the Japanese way. They produced only left shoe. Try to be intelligent.
  • Try to help your local vendors who use sell goods from within the state. Try to support or adopt cows and farmers and make them aware of modern methods to increase field yields.
  • Do not insult or demean people who don’t take part in the movement.
  • Please do not ask for a separate Tamil nadu. Pure idiocy.
  • Do not give your aadhar card or ration card back. seriously? what are you thinking?
  • Do not dole out abusive slogans. What’ll you do when a kids asks you to explain that?

My questions: What are the rules to follow during a non-violent protest?

What actions can be taken against government bodies who are being quiet when such an issue is going on?

What to ask for
  • Need changes in PCA, 1960
  • Section 11N, Remove jallikattu from Animal Fighting.
  • Section 11/3, Remove the ban on bulls.
  • Special rule No.27, add bulls under special section
  • Ask for Middle ground for conducting Jallikattu and proper rules to prevent foreign firms to interfere.

My questions: What are the other clauses that should be changed in addition to the PCA and above stated sections?
Which body of the government should one approach to make this changes?

Now for the “This is a Culture destruction” part.

I’m sorry to say this, but this is not only a cultural problem. This problem is the least cultural problem we have. If you ask me “who”? I’m gonna tell that the reason is us.
We did not look at culture when we went to all those costly pizza and burger joints. We boycotted our own grains rich in nutrients for one that don’t.
We did not look at our culture when they introduced paste, instead of our neem sticks.
We did not bother when our native breeds of dogs were destroyed by another organization. We’re very much happy to buy posh breeds from other countries.
We’re happy to plan foreign plants instead of our own native trees which are best suited for our land.

We completely forgot our farmers when they were in need of water, no major voice was raised when we didn’t get water.


No one remembered to follow up the government after the flood. Adyar still stays koovam. And yes, we elected the same government again.
We’re happily accepting all kinds of new clothes. No one bothers to look at the kathar or hand loom products produced here.
We’re are the one who give bribe to get our work done. We’re okay to get things done illegally.

This is not only a cultural problem.
This is not a problem of your pride.
This is a problem of the nation.
This is a problem of nature.

Preach properly.
Culture lies in the adopting the Aesthetic value of the traditions that we followed for a long time. Try to adopt the same values and apply into the current situation. There is no use in following old traditions that impede human growth.
Don’t act upon the Nostalgia attack you’re having from the protest. Instead think about how you can tactically handle the issue to remove the jallikattu ban. Worst case, think up an alternative solution for this.

Do not let go of this spirit. Stand up and fight for your rights.

Fight for everything. Show the world that we will not be reduced to people who are okay with being manipulated.
Requesting any possible answer for My questions from anyone who knows its right.
Any valuable point will be added.


வெளிய விரட்டு – Extended Version


வியக்கும் அளவிற்கு வீரம் போட்டு,
மக்கள் மனம் போல் திக்கெங்கும் பயிர் நட்டு,
கோவில் கோவும், நாட்டின் கோவும் ஒன்றே இங்கு,
இதற்கிடையே யாரடா நீ கோமாளி? விருந்துண்ண மட்டும தங்கு,
எங்கள் கலையின் அச்சாரம் கோ, எங்கள் கலாச்சாரம் கோ,
மஞ்சள் கொஞ்சும் நஞ்சை நிலத்தின் கோ எங்கள் மஞ்சு,
நீ யாரடா இங்கு? அயல் நாட்டு நஞ்சு,
மாடு முட்டி சாய்ந்தவரை விட நாடு வித்து மாய்ந்தவரே மிக,
தமிழ் உழவு கற்க கசடற, புகழ் உணர்ந்த பின் நிற்க அதற்கு தக,
உழுதல் பஞ்சாக பறக்கும் கடு நிலம்,
நாலு கால்கள் தொட்டதும் துளிர் விடும்,
கோவிர்கெல்லாம் கோ, காங்கேயம், அங்கேயும், இங்கேயும், எங்கேயும்,
ரயிலை போல் சீரும் காளையை அடக்கும் நாங்கள்,
அந்த சோம்பேறி சிங்கத்தையும் அனுப்புங்கள்,
அதையும் ஒரு கை பார்ப்போமே, தமிழன் அல்லவோ!
எங்கள் அரிசி பொங்கலை தின்று ஏப்பம் விட்டு,
உங்கள் ஜர்ஸீ ஆசையை எங்களிடம் திணிக்காதே,
பொங்கலும் பொங்கும், மக்களும் பொங்கும், தலையிட்டால்!
கொலை பாதகர்கள் விலை பேச ஒரு காலமும் வளையதே ,
ஊன் கன்று கொன்றால் கண்ணில் உன் சோர் தெரியாதே,
கோழிச்  சாற்றையும், ஆட்டுச்  சோற்றையும் உண்ட உனக்கு என்ன மானம்?
வானம் பார்த்து, பூமியுடன் பழகி, இயற்கையுடன் உறங்கி,
உழைத்து உண்ணும் எங்களின் மாக்கள் பாசம் அறிவாயோ?
அதெல்லாம் உணராத உன் பின்னே ஒரு மூடர் கூட்டம்,
ஒரு தமிழனை பிற மானுடர் மேல் ஏறி மிதிப்பதோ ,
பல நூற்றாயிரம் திமில் மேல் ஏறி தழுவிய நாங்கள் ,
எம் நில காளையை நிலையாய் ஏறு தழுவி பாருங்கள் ,
காளைகளை மாலை போட்டு தெய்வமென குறிக்கும் இடம் இது,
சீவிய கொம்பின் கூர்மையை தெம்பு கொண்ட கரங்கள் அடக்கும் ,
அது விளையாட்டு மட்டும் அல்ல , விளை நிலம் பாடும் பாட்டு ,
மீசையை முறுக்கி, வேட்டியை மடித்து, மஞ்சு விரட்டு,
பால் மனமும், மால் குணமும் கொண்டது எங்கள் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு.
– Me

வலியோர் சிலர் எளியோர் தமை வதையே புரிகுவதா மகராசர்கள்
உலகாளுதல் நிலையாம் எனும் நினைவா
உதவாதினி ஒரு தாமதம் உடனே விழி தமிழா.
– பாரதிதாசன்




Dated 13-01-17
This is a rant of person who is traveling along the scenic ECR route to mahabalipuram in an ultra-deluxe bus whose thoughts, opinions and imaginations are fuelled by his yearning to write something and his wish for a non-hypocritical society. He is also partially high on melancholies from Rahman and Zimmer.

My friends and colleagues tell me that I ask lot of questions, though I object that, I secretly nod to myself. Hell yeah, I ask a lot of questions. I like to look at life lik-, *mind voice* tha wait tomorrow is Pongal.  My office being a generous one has given me off till Monday. Now, I’ve started thinking about what I’ll be doing on Pongal day, now that tradition is the hot topic of town, I couldn’t think anything more than a Pongal-ah-thinnutu-thoongarthu routine. I might also eat a lesser count vadai thisseason, but that is a lie which you all know.  I might also be wearing a veshti which I don’t know how to properly wear over my waist and a jigu jigu shirt whose last button will be chocked to death by our thoppai we’ve been growing out of spite and of those extra vadais I spoke previously of. Now what is so traditional about this? What are the values I learn from this? May be something in the TV will teach me about our Pongal heritage? Seri TV ah pota, All I would see would be a girl wearing a dress completely unrelated to the location she was in and the hero doing movements completely oblivious to the music going on. Now that would be boring, and I would want to switch to DD. But people at my home would like to switch to DD too. Antha DD la voice eh varathu, Intha DD la irunthu noise mattum varum.

Seri Facebook vantha Jallikattu posts ah irukum, well that’s okay, it’s one of those things we can appreciate these days. Young people doing the right thing. But I see many who don’t know whats actually going on behind this thing.  A government judiciary body asked us to tame lions, maybe they thought lions were fiercer than a bull running towards you with 20k pounds of force with almost 8 inch horns. Wait, may be they know we have singam 3!! Seri kazhutha paanaila aachum pongal vekkroma athuvum illa, ishtathuku cook panni paanaiku bathila yaanai aayidrom. The value of pongal lies in the health of a person and people around them. Karumbu ah vechi vadivel master maari pose kudutha mattum pothathu, athu en nu therinjikanum. Hastag #Tradition #Karumbu nu potutu monday poi pizza thaney saapda porom.

Seri atha vidunga. Pongalku than enna panrathunu therlana, pakkinga Diwalikum ithan panrom. Onnu Tradition padi vedi eh namaku kedayathu ozhunga Velaku ethitu poi padunganu solanum, illa vehicles will cause pollution, use public transportnu solanum, atha vittutu, annaiki oru naal naala ulagam azhunjidumu sonna “saami kannula saami kuthings” da dei!  Night nalla saaptu vedipom, appadiye saapta naamalum vedipom.

Ithellam potum. Traditionnu pesrom, apparam why use grinder? Why use tube light instead of agal vilakku?  why use laptop and phone?

I know you feel those questions are highly stupid and senseless. But in reality would you shed all the technology and go 100 years back?


We can’t, because we humans are organisms built for growth and development. It is encoded in us to grow, to be inquisitive and to reach out to the next possible thing.  Traditions aren’t the ones we should be holding onto blindly. But traditions are the ones we hold for a long time because they are morally and humanely correct for us and the people around us. There is no use in wearing ottiko kattiko veshti with jockey jetti inside. Try to wear kathar veshti or a dress that was locally made, atleast during festivals. Try to buy groceries from the local vendor, try to feed animals around your  place. Take up good values and hold on to them so that the world will accept them as traditions in future. Maatu pongal annaiku Happy birthdaynu solrathuku bathila neja maadungaluku soru veinga.

Why I’m talking about all these things? Because my facebook memories tell me I did the same stuff few years back, and I’ve been on the other side of this post.

Ponga, pongal nalla pongum. Kaka ku oru estra vadai veinga.

வெளியே விரட்டு

மங்கலம் மணக்கும் மண்ணில் வியர்வை விட்டு,
வியக்கும் அளவிற்கு வீரம் போட்டு,
மக்கள் மனம் போல் திக்கெங்கும் பயிர் நட்டு,
கோவில் கோவும், நாட்டின் கோவும் ஒன்றே இங்கு,
இதற்கிடையே  யாரடா நீ கோமாளி?, விருந்துண்ண மட்டும் தங்கு,
எங்கள் கலையின் அச்சாரம் கோ, எங்கள் கலாசாரம் கோ,
மஞ்சள் கொஞ்சும் நஞ்சை நிலத்தின் கோ எங்கள் மஞ்சு,
நீ யாரடா இங்கு? அயல் நாட்டு நஞ்சு,
உழுதல் பஞ்சாக பறக்கும் கடு நிலம்,
நாலு கால்கள் தொட்டதும் துளிர் விடும்,
கோவிர்கெல்லாம் கோ, காங்கேயம், அங்கேயும், இங்கேயும், எங்கேயும்,
ரயிலை போல் சீரும் காளையை அடக்கும் நாங்கள்,
(கு)கள்ளனாக  இருக்கும் சிங்கத்தையும் அனுப்புங்கள்,
அதையும் ஒரு கை பார்ப்போமே, தமிழன் அல்லவோ!
எங்கள் அரிசி பொங்கலை தின்று ஏப்பம் விட்டு,
உங்கள் ஜர்ஸீ ஆசையை எங்களிடம் திணிக்காதே,
பொங்கலும் பொங்கும், மக்களும் பொங்கும், தலையிட்டால்!
கோழிச்  சாற்றையும், ஆட்டுச்  சோற்றையும் உண்ட உனக்கு என்ன மானம்?
வானம் பார்த்து, பூமியுடன் பழகி, இயற்கையுடன் உறங்கி,
உழைத்து உண்ணும் எங்களின் மாக்கள் பாசம் அறிவாயோ?
அதெல்லாம் அறியாத உன்னை விட உயர்ந்தது இந்த மாட்டு சாணம்,
காளைகளை மாலை போட்டு தெய்வமென குறிக்கும் இடம் இது,
மீசையை முறுக்கி, வேட்டியை மடித்து, மஞ்சு விரட்டு,
பால் மனமும், மால் குணமும் கொண்டது எங்கள் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு.
– Me

வலியோர் சிலர் எளியோர் தமை வதையே புரிகுவதா மகராசர்கள் உலகாளுதல் நிலையாம் எனும் நினைவா
உதவாதினி ஒரு தாமதம் உடனே விழி தமிழா.
– பாரதிதாசன்

Why Jan 1?

At this moment I hear people bursting crackers and shouting out on roads and celebrating new year. But why Jan 1?

What has changed?

Has our Appa calling us “thandasoru”, changed?
Has our best friend calling us eruma maadu, changed?
Would your spouse love you more than before?
Would your husband cook more for you?
Would your parents understand your earning for doing something out of pure interest and drive?
Would the effect of your daily cigarettes affect your lungs lesser?
Would your dirty jetti wash itself?
Will your company and boss give you extra salary?
Do you think you can reduce that little belly fat and become fit?
Would you donate a part of your salary to charity post Jan 1?

Why do people choose Jan 1 to celebrate?
Why does this day mark such a special occasion all over the world? Most of us Indians don’t even have the need to follow the Gregorian Calander outside our jobs, we may be use them for uniformity. Most of our parents use their own religious calendars even now. But why have we adopted this one? This wave of new year go around the world even in countries that don’t follow this calendar. Why go to pubs and clubs and dance away till our hips lie and drink till our lips lie? Why spend thousands on crackers and watch so called fireworks. Hell, we even adopted it into our diwali scheme. Why Jan1?

I think I know why.


Hope,that little thing that keeps us running 365 days and 24 hours throughout the year. The hope for a better life, The hope of something better than what you had today. The hope of your close ones will become closer to you. The little shimmering ray of light that will keep you alive to face the next day. That special thing, Hope is what makes this Jan 1 special. Believe me there is nothing else special about January 1st. For Indians we have pongal, other wise no emotional pongal. So Keep that Hope living.

Let that hope feed your passion, let that hope help you reach your goals. let that hope make you kiss your man. Let that hope make you hug your kids more. Let that hope make you travel alone. Let that hope make you read more books. Let that hope make your parents believe you. Let that hope make you adopt more pets. Let that hope Give you a better year.

Let that Hope live.

May Coincidence ever be in your Favor.

Happy New year