Perfect Recipe for a South Indian Climax scene.

We south Indians are known for our great and unimaginable fight sequences. We freaking love Drama!

We’ve cooked up the perfect recipe for the best climax fight sequence.


  • Lots of knifes and wooden logs, 1 gun, that isn’t used.
  • 1 empty, windy open land with red soil or straw. It must be dusty and things must fly.
  • 6 Small Sized thugs for warning the hero. Loud ones with dark, sweaty looks appreciated.
  • 10 Medium sized thugs, interval scene fights.
  • 4 Large thugs, climax fight.
  • 1 comedy thug who knows pseudo karate (Size doesn’t matter)
  • 1 major villain, choose your own villainy type. (Loud, Fat, Suave, ruthless,etc.)
  • 2 sub villain – left and right hands.
  • 1 hero & 1 superhot heroine
  • 1 bike for Hero, no helmet (Shot miss aayidum)
  • 21 Scorpio cars – Fast and dusty and 1 Omni car – For kednaping purposes
  • 1 azhuku chloroform kerchief and Rope – as per requirement


We need to motivate our hero to level up from a common man to a super human-punching-kung-fu-panda man. Nothing beats emotional motivation, our motivation is kednaping the hero’s family.

We use an omni to take away the hero’s sister from a signal and his family when they’re shopping simultaneously. The hero will chase the omni cars to the villain’s place on a bike.

Now that they motivation has been initiated we can get into the method.


We use the “Fresh” Formula of Villain being defeated as method. The camera Jooms in and out of the villain standing in middle with of the dusty field. The thugs standing in descending height order from left to middle and ascending height order from middle to right.

Hero has to come flying, sitting over a jeep bonnet, in army dress. (We don’t copy, okay). Audience might wonder how he arrives in a Jeep while he was pursuing them in a bike. That is the twist.

*We won’t tell you. Poda*

With a superhero landing he will dole out very loud punches. The sub-villains signal like a traffic cop to the thugs to go in geometric progression (2 > 4 > 8, I know, maths la weak, pardon me). The hero gives up as they threaten his family. As he falls on the muddy land, Heroine’s voice is heard.


As the drenched heroine (Imagine slow-mo hair swishing) calls out to hero who wakes up with unnaturally red eyes. As the BGM plays in background he fights with a spear saves everyone. He will serve them justice.

Post-fight he will introduce the girl whose father he just beat up. When the family hugs, the villain will shout and point a gun at them. We see the trigger pull and hear a shot.

Police enter and shoot the villain. Movie should end with a duet.


This is the important part of the recipe. We must totally disregard physics laws, More the thugs bounce, better the scene would be. Also, when the wooden weapons will explode when they touch him.

Beating one thug with another, he punches all their faces at once, in one single punch.

As raindrops stylishly roll over his face without impairing his vision, one of the sub villains “poke” him with a knife which doesn’t kill him. Of course he beats them up.  

Then come the 4 big thugs. All of them fall down with one punch. No, he literally shouldn’t touch other 3. He doesn’t kill the main villain, because he is the Villain-in-law.

Side notes

Add comedy and glamour to taste.

Served FDFS


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