Why you must not have Monday Blues

Almost every Sunday night, I see a meme or a post about Monday coming up, I mean thank you for the giving me a heads-up on the obvious. Pfff, I didn’t know Monday’s followed Sunday! This fear or anxiety of facing a Monday is called widely called as Monday Blues. Monday blues are caused because of anticipating bad things that might happen in the coming week. For this, I would like to offer you a few odd reasons why you should not have Monday blues and must go to getup and get going.

First of all, it pays for your food. You get to eat that seemingly Good looking Italian food that tastes crappy. How are you going to post delicious looking Pictures of that single scoop ice-cream on Instagram with the hashtags, #Foodie, #IceCream, #FoodLove etc? How are you going to transcend from Ai, Phoneu! To iPhone? Because iPhones are the chill yo. If not for your phones how are you going to take selfies in bathrooms with your brush and paste in the frame? What about photos with new dresses that you sneak during purchases but forget the hashtag #TrailRoom? Jobs are important.

If you don’t get up on a Monday, how are you going to get to escape the nose numbing smell from your rented room bathroom which your roommate forgot to wash this weekend(it was his turn), If you have a job you get to pee in well maintained bathrooms! They even have scented Tissues, Yaaii! Do you think you can say, ”Ola cab da”, or “Uberpool machi” after you miss the bus deliberately, if not for the monthly pay?. You won’t be able to post an expert-critic-movie-buff review on the weekly cinema releases, don’t forget the popcorn in which we alpama add the cheese powder!

Can you buy that bike which makes more noise pollution than air pollution? Take photos with tag #RE #DreamBike and all? I don’t think so, because Achcham Enbathu Madamiyada, Dei poda. You can pay for your high-speed broadband over which you watch cute dog and cat videos and other videos that your parents specifically asked you not to watch. If not for salary, how would you afford that data pack through which you browse the newsfeed of your crush and install WhatsApp to get blocked by them?

How else can you feed your high-end indulgences like photography, Gaming, outings, drinking, weed etc? Bro, you need to get up on a Monday morning to go to a Friday evening paarrtaayyy! , think. You can’t flaunt those Jithu Jilladi Kannadi, umbrella dress, oorla-naalu-maadu-Sethu-Pochu colour pants that don’t sit in your hips, pre shedded jeans and the random quote tees that accentuate your beer belly. Or the gym payments you can make to reduce that belly fat. Get up because your dad will start calling you useless-rice, wasteland, thick-cow, ox-cow and you have to rummage all the dappas in kitchen. Job, because the pakkathu veetu aunties and uncles will ask come for panjayathu. Do go to work or get used to watching daily serials with paati and amma, after a point you will be saying “Ithu anniyar oda vela than”. If not for this work, remember, marriage no, matter no, children no. Yosinga…

Well, if you can’t get up after this. Then get up because your appa amma will pour water on you or might switch off your fan. At least go sleep in another place.

If you think you can’t get up on a Monday morning for all these, then get up for YOURSELF.

Get up because your Passion is waiting.

Also, get up because, YOLO.



3 thoughts on “Why you must not have Monday Blues

  1. This is one of the best I got to read for today’s dose of inspiration 🙂 perfect time la read this (on my way to office now 😂) Unlikely post about a Monday. Kudos dude for your unique perception ☺


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