The call

Year 2005.
I have already gone 5 dates with her, she is one of the best people I’ve ever known. I thank my colleague Amitha for introducing me to her best friend. On Jan 2, after the 6th date on New year’s eve and the 1st kiss, she had to move to California for her company had sent her as part of trainee crew for the new branch. She would stay there for 3 months. With California now becoming one of the important cities of technological advancement in USA, she wanted me to buy one of those camera things to do a video call of some sort. Yes, we had developed a liking towards each other and we wanted this to carry on. They had given her a Personal computer which had internet connection of 512 kbps. I was a painter by profession and I was living with my roommate Aadi.
Our relationship was growing day by day and I was going to propose marriage in august, on her birthday. During one of our calls a weird thing happened, Midway through the call, her audio would get muted and I would hear scraping sounds as if someone had dragged their dead leg across the floor. I understood she was talking but I could not make out what she was talking. This carried on for a few calls and I was too anxious and lost in her beauty to make a big deal out of it. Day by day she appeared tired told me that her work was exhausting. She began to miss calls with me. I understood it and gave her space.
Suddenly one day she didn’t come online, I called her up and no one picked up. I thought maybe she was busy or must’ve had some other work. But she did not appear for more than a week straight. Panicking, I asked Amitha but she didn’t want to meet me for some reason and kept ignoring me. As much as I wanted to visit her, I lacked the money to do so. I began to have nightmares about her where her voice was substituted by the creepy noise. I realized that her memories were haunting me and would spoil me if I let this happen. After trying hard to get over her I moved to a separate house and managed to push on every day. Suddenly after almost a year, she called my one day on the skype thing and asked me why I didn’t come yesterday. I was confused. I tried to explain her that she was the one who didn’t come online for a year and how I was broken, missing her. She kept on ignoring what I said and insisted that I didn’t like her enough. She kept on talking the same thing about how I had forgotten her. Then her voice suddenly was muted.
Then, I saw something that made me panic. There was someone behind her, black silhouette with red eyes standing behind her. I told her that she has someone standing behind her back and but she reacted as If I was muted. A chill creeped down my spine and I had goosebumps. I tried calling her and I would her the scraping noise in the call. That figure was holding a stool primed ready to hit her. Things were floating around her. It was looking straight at me and smiled. It was the most terrifying smile I have ever seen, those red teeth spooked me right out of my skin.
Her voice came back again but she seemed unaware of the things happening around her, She kept on screaming my name for some reason. I shouted at the top of my voice that someone was in her place, but she didn’t seem to understand or her what I said, I just heard echoes of my voice and nothing else. And again her voice was muted, but this time there was a difference. She was pointing something to me. It was as if she wanted me to look back, I did.
There was nothing there. She then stood up and began jumping frantically, crying. I didn’t understand why. The black figure was standing beside her and smiling creepily with its red teeth. It slowly began to approach the screen, inch by inch. It walked towards the screen until the screen was black. I was scared shitless. After a blink. It was standing behind her and had knife to her neck. She stood there crying as if she was had failed to help me somehow. I tried calling her and I jammed my fingers to the keyboard but to no use. The dark figure slowly began to slice the neck. As I fainted to the floor I heard metal clanging and a pool of blood soaked me.
As Aadi explained my death to the police and how I would often talk to myself at the mirror, Amitha, was crying over her best friend’s 1st death anniversary, unaware of my death.
The mirror painting of her face stood where my computer used to be. The painting cracked a smile, with red teeth.

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