I don’t know

What is wrong oh dear one?”, he raised his brows to the little one,

I don’t know”, she cried, her little palms closed like a ball over her pink facemask, tears rolled,

Quizzed by her sudden breakdown, the masked man shouted and called,

Who goes there?”, Silence, earsplitting silence.

Who goes there?”, leaves rustled and winds whooshed startling the girl,

Adjusting his white mask, He changed his stance, whence none would stand a chance,

An arrow whizzed past his ear, sowing instant fear, he pulled the girl near,

Fight Like a man! Come face me! Raise-“ a metal tip bore his shoulder,

Three more arrows punctured his back, he was the king, they called him the Boulder,

Bolder than ever, “Cowardice runs in Weapon! Shed the shadows and face me!

Wielding his shield over the lassie, He swung his longsword through the shadows.

Blood splattered and the darkness dissolved, Cupid was there, his abdomen bleeding,

Raising his longbow, Cupid aimed at the white mask and shot, “Hahahaha” he snorted.

The tip of the sword split the arrow into two, the white mask was beaming,

…ove!” she blurted, “What is wrong oh dear one?” he asked, wanting things sorted.

Before another cupid could draw, he struck fast and hard, but cupid jumped, smiling.

Puzzled by the grin, he tried to pick her up dropping his guard, a blade pierced his back,

His heart bled, turning back he saw a red mask face to face, “Love?” he looked at her.

Nodding her head, he kissed her lifting her gently, “Love?” he repeated.

as Red moved from the path, and the last arrow punctured his chest, and obviously, the heart.

Taking off her mask, white kissed her forehead and set her down, “What’s wrong oh dear one?”,

Between the sobs she answered, “I don’t know”. Smiling, he fell down with a “thud”.

Beneath the white mask, Mind took his last breath, in his hands were heart’s pink mask,

Rationale, hidden, stood meekly witnessing mind fall down and heart’s abduction by love.


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