Light deceives, giving hope and clarity to things that breed darkness,
Creeping into the thy chest, clawing its way leaving scar so bleeding,
Why?, why you might wonder… But answer is so obvious you’d
miss it,
The deeds you did don’t matter a bit, you’re a misfit, sadness – Go kiss it.
The circle is not what you think, not the satellite’s path, or love,
It represents the digit that is neither here nor there, pessimism not, optimism lost,
You’re wrong if you think the circle is around you, for you, it is the zero,
The number that has no value on its own, that is you, nonsense even in a row.
Years they say, aeons they say, does it mean what it means? They know,
The Gods above, They should know. Those heartless human imaginations, they know,
Maybe I didn’t do it right, or my coins weren’t enough to pacify the stone face,
Or was it because my eyes weren’t wet enough? humans and their creations are scary.
The feelings that were bonded, love that binded hands and shoulders, unwrapped,
Does time heal? I guess not… It picks apart people heart by heart, piece by piece, painfully efficient,
Try and kneel, may be they’d budge, you’re in luck if you’re visible,
Now do you understand?, bonds are brittle so that they can be chipped and shattered.
You’d think you can make a ripple in lives, but what is a ripple to a wave?
Insignificant, unseen, but always in a crowd. Let’s call that irony, ‘life’,
The greatest of grief, the bitter reality, the happening that shouldn’t,
If you think love breaks are easy, pray that you’re prepared for what’s coming.



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