My Honest Opinion – Dhoni and India

MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

First thing, this is not a review, Go watch this movie in theaters.
Second thing, I don’t know anything about sports. I was never much into it, I barely know a few player names. Cricket happens to be the one where I know a few more players than any other sport.
As soon as I realized the hype for the movie, I lost any interest to see it. but I went forward just for the sake of the name Dhoni. The movie of almost 3+ hours was an entertaining one, it has some fantastic fan moments. Goosebumps guaranteed .
But what makes this average scripted movie so special? The actor’s finesse? The cast? The match sequences? The female leads? NO.
It is this dream embedded into this movie in the form of a man named Dhoni.
This movie tells us the story of this hard-hitting, Helicopter-shotting, humble-hearted Captain cool. It shows us how a man from a Ranchi has come to lead India to lift he World Cup. Even if you’re not a fan, you’re going to shout(unlike me, because I had popcorn in my mouth.) Certain scenes raise your hair and makes you clap till you palms turn red. The love portion make you feel warm and makes you happy that Dhoni is blessed. The patriotism that courses through the movie makes the movie lively and get us through the 3 hours with out feeling dragged. All in all, it is a great movie. But there is more than this to the movie. This movie is about the whole of India, the mind set of India.
I personally feel that People like all great personalities because they have achieved what normal people haven’t. You might wonder, isn’t this the base of all our movies? A hero achieving super human feats and finding true love. Well, yes that is true. But this movie is about a real and living person, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has managed to pursue his dreams. He came in from middle-class family like the most of us, he goes to a normal, mundane job like the most of us, later he goes on to achieve his dream unlike us. This ‘Unlike us’ part is where start to like MSD.
You might ask me what is the point I’m leading up to. It is simply this, we look up to the people who’ve won the odds that were were not able to cross. They are the success stories of our own failed dreams. That is why we’re so interested in these great personalities. We yearn so much to become that person but can only dream to do so. Hence we take up every opportunity to witness them, be happy for them and rejoice to see them make our country proud.
Again, Why are so many people attracted to cricket?. It just happens to be that sport was the one bestowed to us by or previous rulers, The British.
I fell that Mahi’s tale has some fundamental points we have to take into account in all of our lives
1) Be humble, humility will let you see further than anyone else during the good times.
2) Be calm. Peace of mind will let you see further than anyone else during the bad times.
3) Respect people. Respect doesn’t come with age, it comes with wisdom.
4) Love will happen.
5) You need to listen to your heart.
6) Failures open doors to opportunities.
7) Duck at bouncers
Fan or not. This movie is to be seen, at least for the message it carries in between its lines.

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