The Tree that Flew away.

Branches that spread far and wide, nature’s bride,
That one huge tree, so green, so fresh and tall,
Giving earth a snuggly Hug, and everyone else too,
A symbol of symphony, a Signal of serenity, The tree,
Abandoned by cousins of other colors, White Raven That I am,
Flew without a place to rest, soaring places I shouldn’t be,
First rejected then dejected, the bird with out a nest,
As luck happend, the branches of the tree provided shelter,
Others left silently, I was there, the reason that wouldn’t leave.
Nurtured by its care, left no love to spare, It rained inside too,
‘Do you not miss those who left?’ Was my question,
‘Left are the ones who know no love, care not’, came out the answer,
Elated and joyous, The free soul that was mine bound itself to the tree,
With every little rustle of leaves, every single sorrow leaves,
But as fate destined, coincidence was coined for us, that ‘one day’ happened,
There was not a branch to sit on, or the tree, all gone,
Coloured cousins consoled, friends from far fought forlornness,
But only one thought burned through the White Raven’s black heart,
‘I’m the who should fly away, why did you?, She smiled like always,
After a brief Mum, ’bye’ was the reason that echoed through the sky.

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