The Third Wheel Conundrum

Is it happening?

Though as silly as it sounds being a Third wheel is one of the most difficult things that can happen to people.
A Third wheel is basically the person who is the awkward addition to the Loverer and the Loveree.
Now you might understand where the third wheel stands in the relationship, and note that most third wheels are singles. Most times being a third wheel is fun, but there are times where a third wheel’s word makes or breaks the relationship. If you had ever been a third wheel you would know the awkwardness of being one.

Its all happening

You are the initial ladder in the relationship. You’re the centre point of almost every relationship that starts with you being the mutual friend. They talk about you, they very rarely bitch about you and they do care for you, after that that’s it. Oh no, I’m not saying this in a negative tone, but this will happen. First there will be meetings that you know(you think!) after that there will be secret meetings, don’t worry it won’t be that a secret and then there will be a time where it all becomes public. During all these stages the 3rd one is the one that hurts most. The first one will just make you angry but you’ll be okay with it. The Second stage will make you plain sad, you know, cause you’re feel that you’re being betrayed and stuff. But the 3rd stage where it all becomes public is the most difficult thing you’ll ever watch being a best friend to the couple. From that point on your best friend is identified by his or her Beau and not by you. They call the partner to know gossips or stuff about them, you are missed out on certain plans where you could’ve been roped in. What was one gang now becomes multiple, the spouse’s schoolmates, college mates, colleagues, paanipoori mates, tablemates and more. It’s not like you don’t have other friends, pfff. (no you don’t)
I pity you if you happen to have two best friends in a relationship. You can pretty much move to another state. But these three stages ultimately make you happy, I mean come on its your best friend. What kind of best friend wouldn’t be happy if that Potato or that Asshole is in a good relationship.

Is the happening getting better?

You will definitely have your fair share of cringe worthy and Awww moments when you’re hanging out with them.
The PDA is the most awkward part. At times you’d want to disappear or sink into seat you’re sitting in. God help those souls who put up with the obvious noises from car back seat. *Get a room you guys*. You will have to break your head for buying gifts for their spouse, why? because you’re that single best friend who would give your life. Ugh.
And then there are those great times where they bring a mutual friend (another third wheel), don’t worry they’re usually pretty/handsome. If you have enough talent you can end un unthirwheeling yourself. But nope, talent was the first reason why you’re here *insert hilarious laugh smiley*. Here comes the best part, You get free food. Every time you go out, every time they take you to some place you get delicious, expensive -expensive because our idiots love fine dining- free food.

It shouldn’t happen.

Though this might be one side of there is a dirty and dark side to all of this. When the couple fights, when the pair breaks-up, when the duo cheats, it is unbearable. You’re the obvious choice for them to complain about each other when they have a spat. Only a true mutual third wheel would how much it pains to see a loving couple say bad things about each other. They would never realise how agonizing it is to see them tear at each other and how you would kill to have what they have/had. At least this could be managed. When a couple decide to break up, it your head that rolls.
Breaking up for a couple is scarring for life, but what people forget to understand is that it impacts this friend, this friend who was so happy to see you smiling silly, the friend who was waiting around the corner awkwardly so that you can go meet your person, the friend who gave up so many plans so that they could come with you. Things like these are more significant to the third wheel than to the couple. This creates a everlasting dark image in our minds which even our enemy shouldn’t get. The queasiness that is created between the three is inexplicable.

It happens for us.

I know many third wheels who spend their nights sleeplessly thinking about their friend who has love crisis, frequently calling them to know if they’re good and so that they don’t try anything stupid. Having a heartbroken best friend is like dealing with a time bomb, we never know when they will tick off.
Finally I thank all those wonderful souls who stand with their respective pairs to be the best third wheels, those hearts which take bashing and thrashing from all ends, the minds that helping in solving all life problems, those wonderful humans that That try their best to a best friend.
To all Third wheels out there from a fellow Third wheel Managing 3 pairs in life.



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