The Social Media Strife

Over the past two weeks I’ve been seeing posts about a movie which was praised and shredded over the social media. And then there was the Year one anniversary of a great person where people switched from the movie mindset to praying to the soul in the sky.
I was being kind of oblivious to the this posting my own thoughts over the social media. One of the things that recurred throughout this flow of posts is Conflict of opinion. On one side I saw people brawl about the movie being great and not, one group was quarreling about why the star was not used properly, one about the director being an amateur. From afar this all looked like it was just a social media scuffle over things, but looking deep inside, I saw some taking this seriously. In fact, I happen to witness a disagreement between two people in real life extending from their social media dispute. The beauty of this is that, it might rise between any two people, thickest of friends or two random people.
Also over a period of time I have found people trying to push in their thoughts and opinions into someone else’s perspective, even I am guilty of doing it a few rare times.
I also happen to notice how people handle this conflict of interest, the most common method is retort back. Though giving back a snappy answer is not a great solution, it merely blows it up.
Another way is ignoring the invader or asking them to ignore, but is this the right method to handle idea invasion? No, would be my answer. Let me tell you why, recently I posted something and there was a small bout about the perspective. I slyly asked the person to fuck off by asking to ignore the post since it was the public social media, the reply asked told me that the person can choose to not ignore since it’s the ‘Public’ social media. I got annoyed for a moment but I realized that the reply was as true as my answer. It’s a public forum and everyone has the right to be there and respond as much they have the right to ignore and move on.
This was a huge slap to my perspective. Ignorance was definitely not the best option.
So there I was scratching my brain on how to handle about conflict of thoughts. Is the education a reason for this? It can’t be, I have witnessed both uneducated and educated having same idea. Is it the perspective? Maybe not, every perspective is a new way to approach something. Is it the mindset? Possibly. But its highly debatable.
Some two meals and a night’s sleep later It struck me, The Test of Socrates.
It is said that Socrates always ask 3 questions to anyone who gossips. The questions or as follows,
1. The Test of Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell is true?
2. The Test of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell something good?
3. The filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me going to be useful?
Now to this I want to add another question,
4. The Test of Closure. Passing the above 3, how satisfied are you about your own thought?
If people manage to get past beyond all the 4 barriers, it is safe to say that your idea is right. So far I have managed to pass this 4 questions only once. Let the ideas flow.

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