The Essential Change

For the past few days the internet has been buzzing about a murder case that happened in Nungambakkam railway station. Initially it was shocking and the shock subsided few gradually. Like the people that stood around when the event had happened, I was being another passer-by, only difference being, I was sitting in my home and even more, I was arguing with myself of how I would have reacted in that situation. I was slightly angry that people around her did not react to the murder when it happened. Then my mind dismissed that thought saying that I would’ve probably done the same, this argument was backed by my emotional part of my mind. 
Then my mind moved on to the killer’s view, back when I had this thought, he was not caught, there wasn’t even a proper picture of him. With the social rumour mill circulating images of random people depicting them as the killer, I was highly sceptical that the police would ever capture him. But they did.
I thought the news of the death and the event was shocking, but the reason and what he actually wanted to do traumatized me. The news told me that he was in love with her and she politely refused him a few times. She had refused him with one of the few reasons being his personality. 
Angered by her reason he wanted to hack her mouth for he felt that she insulted him. He was successful, he also overachieved. 
I’m not going to stay here arguing if what he did was right, but I’ve tried my best on finding a solution of how to handle it. 
The major reason of why he killed her is very apparently ‘Anger from love’. But what causes this anger and love? Emotions.
Emotion Definition according to Wikipedia. 
“Emotion, in everyday speech, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.[1][2] Scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no consensus on a definition “
As the definition states emotion cannot be defined easily, or at least comprehending emotions is not easy. 
Now you might wonder if I’m asking people to block emotions, No, that is not possible and that is not what should be done. You cannot possibly hold in the basic instinct that was developed from millions of years of evolution. 
Rather If and If only there was a proper guidance to show that feeling or emotion in any way that is not harmful to the person or the people around him. This might sound like a far-fetched idea but I feel this can be achieved.
Not trying to justify the killer, but he must’ve had uncontrolled emotions and feelings bubbling inside of him and finally spitting out the most unstable of all feelings; Anger. 
Feelings are like colours, if you mix them all you get colour ‘black’. Mix the right colours you get pure white light. 
This anger grew and made him take a life. If only he had a way to show this anger, if he had a person to control him he might’ve come out differently. But ungated emotions lead to whatever mustn’t have happened.
Whom do we blame here? 
His parents for not guiding him and his emotions properly? Or himself for not understanding another person’s feelings? 
I blame Two things. Education and society.
These two and so intricately entwined that they play a major role in making a person.
Our education hasn’t changed as much as people have changed, hell even the syllabus is outdated. 
As much as our education is teaching us about technology, it has failed to show us how to properly handle our emotions and feelings. I’m not asking for Gurukulam format of education to come back, but something that lets us control the flow of our feelings can be implemented.
Now society plays a major role in this kill. Our modern society has grown abundantly in all the wrong departments. The major culprit is the mind-set of the society, people want to avoid murders from love but still oppose love, even a conversation about love is prohibited still. Where would a young adult go with all those emotions inside him? 
Some parents are so set on the concept that love is not good everything related to its harmful for life. I hope this changes someday. 
Had this been addressed before it had become cancerous, lot of murders could’ve been avoided. At this point I do not know If my idea would work or if it is the right one. But a change in mind-set is definitely needed.
~May all the souls rest in peace.

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