The post where I show my Gratitude.

All those idiots,
Screwed me over and over,
Made me wait for hours, and be on time never,
Made me pay for, not my mistakes and food I didn’t eat,
Always trying to make a fool outta me,
Join with strangers to laugh with glee,
But unbroke my heart unlike others,
And other few comparable to mothers,
Their faces are a reminder of how screwed up I am,
and also how worse I could’ve been,
Yes, they’re selfish, but only for Selfies,
I know I owe them everything,
But these morons, would never let you have anything,
They are the best headache you could get,
Though make sure you’re not taken to a vet,
You’d never get a loan, but it is always mine to take,
Just make sure they aren’t fake.
I want to thank you all, but my heart says no,
For you’re my friends forever which is what I know.

~To all 😀


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