The post where I show my Gratitude.

All those idiots,
Screwed me over and over,
Made me wait for hours, and be on time never,
Made me pay for, not my mistakes and food I didn’t eat,
Always trying to make a fool outta me,
Join with strangers to laugh with glee,
But unbroke my heart unlike others,
And other few comparable to mothers,
Their faces are a reminder of how screwed up I am,
and also how worse I could’ve been,
Yes, they’re selfish, but only for Selfies,
I know I owe them everything,
But these morons, would never let you have anything,
They are the best headache you could get,
Though make sure you’re not taken to a vet,
You’d never get a loan, but it is always mine to take,
Just make sure they aren’t fake.
I want to thank you all, but my heart says no,
For you’re my friends forever which is what I know.

~To all 😀


The Growing-Up Post.

The storm has passed away,
Be strong heart, this isn’t the time to sway,
Do not forget the people who bent,
For the greater place you’re being sent,
Success isn’t always the bright side,
But never let the light out of your sight,
Fight, Fight, Fight, but make sure you’re right,
Past is a demon that wouldn’t let you go,
Have courage as your beau,
and Boldness aside as your belle,
Have no weakness that the world can tell,
Compassion is the only character to be shown,
Fear is the only thing that shouldn’t be sown,
Your hardwork has lead you here,
Never let your feelings sear,
It is always okay to be queer,
Always be courteous to your peer,
Have some on to be your dear,
Never, ever, ever, Let go of that glorious Fire.

~Never ever