The 100-rupee post.

We, as teenagers and young adults live off our social life with the ‘Pocket money’ from our parents.
Be it the 3G data pack you activate every 28 days (cause 30-day month is too mainstream for telecom idiots) or the sub-veg you pay so generously for.

Our staple pocket money ranges anywhere from 500 to 3000 per month depending upon your parents mood then, your marks(!) and the credibility of your reason to spend the above said money

We (read ME) give out some fantastic reasons to get some money out of their pockets. We would’ve have gone so far that we’ve created and killed characters, severely injured our friends, went on non-existent field trips, paid for courses we never attended, over paid our courses, fined ourselves and what not?
Yeah, yeah we know the value of money (rolling eyes) and we want to spend less. But there are days where a single 100-rupee note would have saved our lives from acute hunger or great embarrassment.
But have we wondered what a 100-rupee note could get you in the city? It doesn’t fetch much these days, but here is what you could bargain off a 100-rupee note in the metros.
-A one-day pass of 50 rupees to travel within the city limits in MTC bus. IT can also fetch you tickets within the outskirts of the city.
-A share auto to places unreachable by public transport and these are usually within 30 rupees.
-A normal auto to reach those destinations quickly. Sometimes it may go above 100 bar but you’ve got to be crazy for that.
-Do not forget Train Tickets!
-Your phone’s recharge. 10 rupees to 100 rupees. You choose.
-Movie tickets if you feel you’re not generous enough that day. 10, 50, 70 ,80 the rates vary with theatre (pathu rooba ticket na sema mass)
-Your popular chaats like samosa, bhel poori, kachodi, pakoda, paav bhaji etc. all come somewhere between 10 to 50 rupees.
Paani pooris! I’m specially mentioning this cause I’ve seen paani poori ranging from 5 rupees to 60 rupees per plate. There is something in those rasam filled globes.
-Soups and juices, those are just delights that you’d love to indulge yourself at any time. They are usually charged from 10 to 80 rupees per glass with juice being the on the costlier side.
-You know a tummy full breakfast or lunch can be achieved from AMMA mess. A sambar rice packet costs 5 rupees (be jealous other states!). Cost of a full meal 20 bucks only.
-And also an AMMA water bottle costs 10 rupees.
-A Quarter bottle of alcohol costs 70 rupees and above, depending upon you and your friends’ purse weight.
-Go Pondy bazaar or T-nagar and you could grab some good looking (underline good looking) T-shirts, shoes and wallets.
-Girls can go binge shopping all day in Ranganathan street with a 100-rupee note. Jimikis, chains, earrings, bangles, anklets, purses, handbags and more are available starting from 5 rupees. Though men beware, more chances that you’d be spending a few hundreds if it’s your beau.
-A hour of internet browsing at your café will usually cost 30 rupees these days.
-Few packets of your favorite 2 minute noodles can be bought with a 100-rupee note.
-Those munchies you love but they come with lot of air costs only 5 rupees.
-Your data pack for a week.
-Those excellent parotas that cost around 10 rupees per piece.
-Almost 1 ¼ liter petrol for your beloved bike.
-If you’re interested much a session of gaming in your local place costs 30 to 100 rupees.
-An second hand Novel is usually under 100 rupees.
-You could get your hair cut and also your face shaved for 100 rupees.
-Our beloved traffic police men who hold you back for no obvious reason are soothed by a 100 rupees.
Now you must wonder why I’ve given this obscure list of things and prices you already know, because today I saw a kid of ~8 age selling some worn out vegetables for money. I’m sure he was not one of those scammers, he was honestly helpless and hungry. At that moment I wished I was not a bit selfish and also I had an extra hundred rupees.
I just wanted to put through that we can spend our money more sensibly and responsibly.
~Money Matters