Joie de Vivre

After three grueling months of work and pressure I return to the world of writing. Yes, I don’t have many followers but I’m stating this for future references when I’ve accomplished enough.

So this is period in life for the people of my age, it must be hard to endure, hard to persevere and hard to think ahead.
I’m 22 years old and if you are in my age range you’d get me or pretty much what I’m trying to put through. Right now I’m not a fully matured Adult or a Teenager. I’m something/someone stuck between sprout and a tree.

The point I’m building up to, is to talk about one of the most important life decisions which we’ve already taken or been forced to take. As an Indian, a Son and a Human I was given a buffet of options, which later, I came to know that it was an illusion of choice. We all know what I’m talking about.
Yes, Engineering.

According to the word “Engineering” Means,
1.The art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences, as physics or  chemistry, as in the construction of engines, bridges, buildings, mines, ships, and chemical plants.
2. The action, work, or profession of an engineer.
3. Skillful or artful contrivance; maneuvering.

But, I can assure you that the first definition applies to those who are really into it, really really into Engineering and knowing how stuff works and shit. All others can kiss book knowledge goodbye.

The second definition on the other hand will be subtly induced into you in your four year journey.
The most of them won’t realize it will come in handy when you’re pushed into the real world ocean with sharks.

The third definition will apply to anyone who is put through this Engineering.

Note: I’m not trying to debase or shame Engineering, but rather to bring what really happens in Engineering colleges that are not well established or well known.

Every Engineer knows that he/she has to go through engineering for four years. Four Incredibly short years.

The First year or The Initiation.
This is the year where most of your dreams emulated by movies and serials you’ve seen on TV come to your mind. But the reality hits you hard in 2 weeks of college. You will be torn between becoming a good student if you were a bad one at school or to continue what you did in school.
If you’re a good kid then your pressure will be increased 10 folds to show your talent and integrity to your new Professors (note: we stopped calling ’em teachers)
You will fail badly trying to acclimatize and adapt to your new surroundings. Your food will taste bad, you will be frustrated to meet ends, you will miss your school friends, sometimes your school itself. A small paranoia sets in as almost everyone who you see gives you clues and cues about how to handle college. You will be a bit concerned about how to handle yourself with your seniors, Professors and new friends, everyone you meet will be a stranger. The first year quickly floats away into the past with you making new friends, a gang, a tad more experience, fear of semester exams and a string of hope but you’re still in the Land of Nowheredom.

The Second Year or The Realization.
You’ve been forcefully pushed into the second year of Engineering. You enter the college premises, slightly miffed by its intimidating aspect of morale. You now know how the college machine works. And sadly, you’re one of the cogs in the machine. You begin to realize that you’re stuck in this Machine for another 2 and half years, which seems like a long time. Now a bit bold, you begin to realize people who they really are. You still have problems adjusting to college life but you know you can handle it. Your results would’ve been surprising, either shockingly bad or sweetly good. You will be confused whether to continue studying or keep depending upon lady luck.
Now, naturally your eyes begin to search for an opposite sex and eventually you find one by the end of the year for your friends to tease you into love. It’s up to you to choose that. Now most of your first year friendships are dissolved and you find yourself slowly drifting towards people of your liking and where you’re liked. At this phase almost every student develops a Love/hate relationship with the college, engineering and professors, if possible the subjects.
By the end of the year you stand with new hangout places, newer friends, some enmity/love, a few backlogs if that’s your thing and importantly a pride that you’re an Engineer.

The Third year or The Transformation
Now all of your friends are in transition stage. Your school best friends begin to move farther away with only a few in contact though suddenly out of nowhere a WhatsApp group rises reminding you of your old school memories. You begin to meet your school teachers and friends randomly on streets. Your friendships with your not-so-close school friends begin to bloom out of nowhere. During this year you learn some new habits which I personally forbid you from learning, though it’d be a good experience to have it with in your limits, don’t get into trouble. The college routine is nothing new to you now and you’ve adapted to the system. People know you well enough to identify you, and identifications are by your actions and name you’ve gained so far. Seniors and Professors become closer to you. You gain some fame in your department (note: It becomes department centric once you begin to feel home) in one way or another, be it your talent or the rumors around you. A small sense of responsibility creeps through your childish facade. You begin to wonder but not worry about your future, yet. Your Good/bad results begin to become the center of your concerns. Your seniors get placed or move to their native city or go abroad for further studies and the peer pressure begins to build up. In the second half of third year you might probably get into a case of getting caught for a mass bunk or some other mischief you’ve done with “your gang”. The sense of being an engineer fades away into the void when you get the glimpse of the real world outside via your other college friends. You see that they’ve already learnt three extracurricular courses, attended few conferences and maybe published a paper. Facebook glorifies their sense of enjoyment and your sense of depression, while their cultural happen for days together, yours barely happen for hours. The paranoia comes rushing back to you. It slowly dawns on you that the damage was already done and the flood will be soon over your head. By the end semester you’re left standing at the precipice of the cliff holding your breath.

The Fourth Year or The Salvation.
Now you’re out of the Machine, you’re not bounded by the cogs, not forced by the system, which is what makes it more dangerous for you to survive out there. You’re left in the open, left vulnerable, Left to die.
I might sound over dramatic or exaggerating but this is what it exactly feels to be amidst a group of humans your age being better than you in talent, intelligence and experience.
Hyper panic sets in, and your mind undergoes a psychological change which make or break your future. The change is totally dependent upon you and your mind. You begin to work towards that change, whatever it might be. Parents, neighbors and relatives begin to irk you every time you see them.
But between all this there will be sudden burst of friendship between all your friends, be it school or college, emotions begin to pour in from all sides.
You witness some crazy stuff all over, stupid and serious ass confessions, new relationships, new breakups and everything that squeezes you from inside. You will go on sudden trips or tours to places and have a bucket load of fun. (Note: do not miss this part, you’ll never get it later in life)
Your exam results are the reminder of what you’ve done till now, they’ll be the regret or pride for you in the coming months.
You somehow finish your project and wait for the final verdict.
The professors pardon you, mostly. Your juniors might miss you, and you will not miss your college.
It’s the reality. You haven’t really missed your school for 2 years now, and you won’t miss your college that much.
The future will definitely be uncertain, you might have backlogs to complete or jobs to hunt for or sit home waiting for the offer letter from the only company you got miraculously placed in.
Life will become harder.

Now I, the writer of this post, is standing after previous line in life, in reality.
If I’m still writing after four years, maybe I’ll tell you what happens after this.

To Be Continued…
That had to be said. Thank you.

~Thank you for everything.