The Twinst-3

“How did you find me?! HOW?! Where is my brother?” the screeching voice made nobody shudder. “What mistake did I do? don’t let me die here, please…”, Yo didn’t even flinch at the questions and requests thrown, and started walking towards the door.

Yin came running and hugged Yo. Yang hugged too, unaware why it happened.
“I’m sure you know we have lot of questions for you, Yo, especially me. But I’m sure you have a story, right? You always have.”
Yo began narrating the other side of the story, but the phone chimed in before they could hear it all.

Yo Came back and blurted “Mom is alive.”
Yin was staring at Yo, “Wha… What do you mean?”
“Yes I saved her that day, I was there shortly after they were beat up”

Yin gave a Yo a hard slap and hugged with tears in her eyes.
“I had left home when I saw someone in out barn carrying a dead goat and set out to investigate it. It was a short person with a raincoat over him, I followed the short shadowy figure and it was Dunky.”
Yin Gasped.
“Yes, it was him, that stinky sonovabitch did this to our limbo and other animals”

I was hit struck from behind before I could do anything to him. I heard a woman’s voice and knew instantly who it was”

Yin mouthed, “that bitch”.

“I found myself bound to a bed when I woke up and had a sack over my face. I did not know how many days had past, my body felt weak and I was Hungry.
After hours of struggle I managed to get myself untied. And came back home to see mom and dad hanging upside down. They were unconscious and alive.”

“I’ve seen you stitch me up when I had a cut in my arm, I followed the same route and stitched up all the incisions of mom and dad-”

“But the Biopsy read they were dead, how could that happen?” questioned Yin.

“Because it was not the results of a biopsy, it was what I made HER to write, you know we can make people dance when we have a leverage over them.” Yo beamed. “I was the one who administered them, styptics to stop the blood flow, but I was not able to save dad. He was already dead before all this could happen, He had had a cardiac arrest even before he was beaten up or tortured. I swapped a body double with Mom’s”

“Mom is now in the safest place-“.
“Where?!” Yin was Quick to ask.
“You’ll know soon, It was Mom a while back on phone.”
Yin had thousand questions, but Yo had left without talking a word more.

Her mind reflected how she had used Yang’s sleepwalking disorder to take revenge. To exact blood for the massacre of her pets.
The day she found her dog’s beheaded carcass, there was a note which read “Meet me at the park today, at 5. Or else hear your wife scream.” Yin had screamed so loud at the note that her parents came running.
The note was hand written and she instantly knew who it was. When she had questioned her dad, who vehemently refused to talk anything about the matter and pleaded not to tell anyone about the note.

She took the matter into her own hands, she went straight to her house and confronted about the note, to which at first she denied it was her.

But the bitch had not forgotten what happened to her Father in the mill.
*Mr.DeCruz was trapped inside mill which was on fire. Yang’s father was stuck between saving Yo and old man DeCruz. Yang’s Father Obviously Chose Yo.

That had Ignited a flame inside the DeCruzs, She and her brother had been waiting for a chance to kill them all.*

Yin had used her twin brother’s somnambulism, a sleep-walking condition he had had from his childhood, to kill the barn animals like she did to her family.

But her mind had one thought, “Is Heilen DeCruz alive? Or had Yo killed her?”

5 Blocks away in a White English house a Woman was tied to pole in the basement.
She was crying asking for her brother.

*Heilen had never left the city, she had laid out the plan so perfectly that she had booked tickets to her flight to India and made someone else travel in that ticket.
She hit Yang at the back of his head to divert the con-joined twins before she could finish her job at the Juh’s household. But she never Expected Yo to show up there. Always a nosy kid.
She barely escaped him before she was.

She never thought that her infiltration into Juh’s family and becoming their God-parent would become useless. The Triplets Never liked her anyway, it was only Chen that was compassionate to her, maybe because he was not able to save her father. But she never forgot that day.

She wondered How Yo had escaped from her house and how was he alive after that heavy dosage of poison she had given.

She never anticipated Yo in her house and threatened her to make a Fake Autopsy report.
Her knowledge as a Doctor Allowed her to write that up.
Yo had somehow switched Wu’s body with someone else*

Yin Called up Yo, “Where is mom?”
“She is at Heilen’s, Come here.”

Yang and Yin Literally ran.
Their Mother was sleeping peacefully but had painful cuts and bruises all over her.

Yang asked as if he understood something, “Where is Dunky, Yo?”
Yin added, “She probably killed him. Where is he actually? ”
“Oh, Dunky? After I untied myself, I beat up Dunky and tied him like I was.” said Yo with a wicked smile on her Pretty Face.

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