Actors with real life objects and events.

Firstly this is my opinion, so hate all you want.

Aatharva- A new item in Market. Need more Products to know its real quality.

Bharath- He is like a pencil, we don’t love the pencil or hate it even. But we use from time to time. Sometimes just to scribble gibberish and sometimes to draw beautiful diagrams. Unused.

Simbu- He is like a bitter gourd. Most of the times its bad and we hate it but at times when the cook or maker is good, we get delicious dishes. Though it’s mostly bad dishes.

Siva Karthikeyan- We can compare him to Maggi. Maggi is good, though not that good. We love Maggi but there are lots of dishes that we can prefer than Maggi. Okay Enough.

Vishal: Now this is a Pen drive. Very useful and Very handy, but due to its users it gets all kind of virus, malware etc. etc. Totally used based.

Arya- Arya is a Fountain pen. Filled with stuff that is messy, but when implemented properly can be used to make a great impression. Inky.

Karthi- I would compare Him to a 2G network. Very bad and very good. Need more Signal to work well. Satisfying though.

Vijay Sethupathi- He is a Very famous android app. Very good to use. Very user friendly and easy to use. But few glitches and bugs. Will be straightened over time.

Dhanush- Dhanush is a Good dress set. He can be a Tuxedo, a jeans and T-shirt, a Formal set and even lungi and inner vest. But very useful for the appropriate place. Though sometimes get worn at inappropriate places. Contextual use needed.

Surya- Surya is your phone. You love your phone, you wouldn’t want it to go. It works hard for you, and makes your life a bit happier. But sometimes goes slow or hangs at times. Probably due to overuse. Handle with care.

Vijay- Vijay is your Bike. Stylish with usefulness. But Petrol and maintenance takes its toll. All your friends have different opinions on it but everyone likes it. Ride on.

Ajith- Ajith is Wikipedia. Came up on its own. Loved by everyone hated by few (though silently praised). Simple and pleasant to use. No comments.

Vikram- Your computer. Has been devoting its life to you. Lives for your good. Can be made to do anything with its power. Sometimes works over its capacity. Though its occasional flaws don’t matter. Should be favorite.

Kamal Hassan- The only person who can be compared to two objects. First to a really well written book. You don’t get what the book says in the first read. But every time you read you’ll explore a new world. And next to a Rubik cube. Fun to play with though tough to understand and learn at the beginning. Once learned. Every time you solve is a challenge.

Rajinikanth- Now he is nothing but Diwali. Diwali is fun every year constantly. You wait for Diwali from months before and relish it when it comes. Though there might be some crackers that don’t burst. It is always a hell load of fun. Only thing sad about it is it comes once in a year. Fun and Frolic Guaranteed.

~hope I didn’t leave anybody.


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