The First Night.

Life is a quick bliss,
with moments we wouldn’t want to miss,
a cold so bitter needs warmth,
the warmth from a hug is always better,
happiness, a feeling so blue,
we felt those when butterflies flew,
food, love and fun always run
hand in hand with us,
isn’t life a quick bliss?
the taste of your quick kiss,
etched in my mind so deep,
your face, a memory I would always keep,
we will live full, don’t weep,
yes, life is a quick bliss,
your smile is champagne with fizz,
my dear first child, a bit so wild,
join me to end of eternity,
oh, our life isn’t a quick bliss,
we shall stand at the end of the river,
and shout to the gods, “Joie De Vivre”~a beginning

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