Yes, you weren’t born to do dishes or cry like fishes,
you rose to rule, you woke to banish the fools,
society shuns you, in vain,
raped, scathed, scarred, scared by genders,
but times have changed and you are myth benders,
your pain has subsided,
but then people are being one sided,
we were hideous, we are ugly, all inside,
but we have cleansed and rinsed souls,
right to be debased then, but changed are ours goals,
we request thee to stop shaming us,
and thy voice at blaming, thus,
being asked ‘revolution is when?’,
give us a chance we’ll learn,
to give you a future you yearn,
you are now the women,
as worded from the turbaned poet’s pen,
after all we are our mother’s son,
please let us be real men.

~Feminism is not in equality but in what is fair.


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