The Twinst-2

Yin was in tears after she read the letter, though it wasn’t as traumatising as the events that occurred 5 days ago. It hit her pretty hard.

Her parents weren’t what’d you’d consider normal. Sure they were high school sweethearts and almost eloped, but they were the best parents anyone could ever get. They would play videogames with them, drink with them, and even arrange random dates with their boyfriend and girlfriends. The loved them what ever they did.
But their blood ran cold when they found their parents hung upside in their garage.

The biopsy report read:
The Juh’s household Homicide case
Both Wu Ting Juh and Chen Zhao Juh Were victims of homicide on 25-october 2014.
Time of death is around 11.33 p.m CST for Chen Juh and around 12 a.m for Wu Juh.
The mother (Wu Juh) endured the murderous torture longer than the father(Chen Juh).
Both of them were Cut rather surgically incisioned in various places on their body but strangely the incisions were stitched up. They were beat up badly while hung upside down.
The motive of  this action is unknown but it proved fatal to the couple.
Another strange event was that they were drugged  with an unknown chemical agent after the torture.
Drugging them after the torture doesn’t make any sense and the lab technicians are working to find out why….
The report read so on.

When Yin and Yang had returned from the Doctor after a mystery attacker had hit Yang in his head while they were walking home back from school. Though Yin was unharmed, Yang was bludgeoned at the back of his head by an unknown attacker on a bike. They Visited their Family doctor and God-parent, Heilen DeCruz, but they learned from her P.A. that she had already left to India today morning. With first aid done to Yang they went home to witness the slaughter.
Yang fainted on Yin’s shoulder.

Yin was scared to death, but being the bold girl she was called in the police and ambulance. she searched the house for missing stuff but there was nothing specifically missing. It seemed as if they had come just to kill.
There was no strong evidence to denote the killer and but it is said that two of them were there.

Heilen came back from India that night and she tried to console them, in vain. She said she had to leave to India tomorrow for an emergency case, though she tried cancelling the appointment, Yin felt that she better go and attend the case for it might be another children praying for his or her parent.
Heilen left the next day first flight.

‘It was 2 a.m, early morning or night if you wish, She did not hear any sound, but she wished she did. Usually around this time she would hear her dad carpenting in his workshop and his mom playing playstation rather very loud with her. But there was only dead silence. The silence of her parents being dead She was also plagued by another issue, but she thought its best not to think about him now.’

2 days later.
There was no word from Heilen nor they were able to reach her. Yang seemed away from all of the world happenings, she knew he was moody and cloudy always but he seemed aloof now. like he was blank. Heilen had said she’d take care of the psych eval of Yang after his head bump.

She knew they had made a mistake. Yin knew they musn’t have ignored the repeated threats in the form of beheaded  and skinned pets and dogs.

A week prior to their parent’s death their pug limbo was found skinned on their porch. Yin’s parents came in running after they heard her scream so loud. It took them an hour to console the twins. But it was not the twins they were worried about.

And few days after that Yin slipped over a pool of half-dried blood from a beheaded goat carcass.
Her trauma increased exponentially when the saw all 15 of their cattle and pets slaughtered and disfigured in her barn. The police and the media channels buzzed about it for two days.
The Juh’s household was in dismay. No one spoke in the home and all were shaken up badly by the sudden events that had transpired in the past week.

A day Later Wu and Chen were found hung upside down by Yin and Yang.
Flash news read “Father and mother of Three were killed in a bizzare murder yesterday night.
It is said that there is a possible link between the homicide and pet massacre from the week before…
almost a week ago the was a mass killing of pets and cattle in the Juh household. Around 15 pet animals and cattle were killed and beheaded by a unknown killer. They were later moved to…*static*

The police filed in a case and linked it with the cattle massacre.
The whole town talked abut the Juh’s.

But what baffled the townspeople was the Missing third Child, Yo.
The Youngest of the triplets, the unjoined triplet.

~Final Part 3 to continue.



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