The Twinst-1

almost *static* ago the was a mass *static**static* in the Juh household. Around 15 pet *static* *static* *static* and moved to * static*...”
Yang woke up with a shudder and found himself on his bed sweating profusely. He switched off the annoying old TV. The dream he just had was very vivid and detailed, and gory. He was thankful that he did not wet his pants.

‘He had a knife, like none he had seen in his life, it was long and slender and very sharp, it had already made an incision in his thumb when he touched the blade.
He lifted something, something alive. It was a dog, a small pug and it looked familiar. Suddenly he realized that he was not in full control of his body.He felt as if someone was controlling him, as if someone was handling him.

He lifted the dog up by its collar violently, it whimpering with fear, and made a small but deep incision on its neck. His heart stopped. The dog yelped and thrashed about in his hand. He tried his best to take over his body again but in vain. The dog bled slowly and fell unconscious. His hands made minute but accurate cuts on the neck and he Skinned the dog.
He saw himself walking towards somewhere. He walked for around 10 minutes and he dropped the skinned pug on a house’s porch.’

His alarm buzzed 5 a.m. and woke him up. Groggily he stood up from his bed
He heard a thud from his front door. When he found a skinned dog. It was his pug, Limbo.
Fractions later a guttural scream echoed through the halls of his house.

After the exhausting day,Yang went to bed and fell asleep almost instantly. The dream came back.

‘This time he was in a barn. The were lot of cows and horses. and then there was this small goat.
It stood as if it was waiting for something. Yang knew that something horrible was going to happen again. Something horrible by his hands yet uncontrollable. This time around he took out something that looked like a saw, a saw sharper, thinner and stronger than the usual saws.

As expected he took that small goat on his lap. It was bleating slowly but calmly. it was as if the goat knew him beforehand. as if it was his pet. Now the control over him was stronger. He felt as if his hands were being forced to work. Yang’s heart screamed silently when he pierced the goat’s belly with the saw. The goat was in mortal pain. its bleating faded after he broke its neck forcefully.

He cut the young goat’s head and threw it away. He dragged the beheaded body and entered the same compound he entered in yesterday’s dream.’

He woke up again at the 5 a.m. alarm buzz.
He slowly opened his front door but nothing was found. Thankfully, he retreated into his kitchen and took the garbage opened the backdoor. He slipped over something and fell on the hard ground. There was a pool of half-dried blood from a beheaded goat carcass.

Another scream was heard 2 blocks away.’

Yang did not wake up completely, he lay there still with his eyes closed, images of the dream were lucid but faded away soon. He hesitantly pulled himself up from the bed and he heard his door bell ring. He did not feel like attending the door, but a force dominated him and seemed to make  him work. The ringing had stopped but he found a letter below the door.

It was from his family doctor and god-parent Ms.Heilen.
“Dear Yin,
I hope you guys are fine, I hope you guys are dealing the loss of your parents good. I wish I was there with you people.
How are you managing yourself? Are you eating well?
Your brother’s psych and bio report came in from the lab.
It says that he hit his head over a hard object. What actually happened that day? Are you hiding something from me?
It says that he is suffering from a very rare condition.
Added to his somnambulism he also has ‘Ultamnesia’.
Though this might kind a bit crazy,  your brother cannot register current memory for atleast 8 days though he will react he won’t remember.
It doesn’t mean he is fully amnesiac but His mind doesn’t make memories for a week or so.
This has been in research for a long time but no absolute cure is found yet, this can go off anytime.
But it appears that you do not suffer anything harm from his injury with you Both being Con-joined twins.
Concentrate on your academics since its your final year and you have to start your practice by next year. Hoping Yang is doing well.
I always wish the best for you three and hope to be with you soon.
with love,

~part 2 coming soon


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