The spray.

‘ Dear officials please consider this as my note of confession but I don’t wish to point out blame anybody. I write this with great regret and sadness, as I sit alone in my home, my wife has left me for another mate. She has even taken my eggs with her, I was not even given a chance to explain my stance and what really happened that day. I have been feeding myself and living alone for the past 60 days.
I feel as if my wings are broken and my senses are list. Even my kids hate me, they even refuse to talk to me and have flown out of our nest. My agony is inexplicable. Someone can be pushed only so much in his life. For all punishments in the world people could have stepped over me, stamped me, smacked me, or even killed me. But they choose the only option that is feared by all. And unfortunately they chose it for me.

what sin did I commit in my previous births to be sprayed by that obnoxious smell?!
a smell so toxic, so disgusting that my family left me for good and alone.
I’m depressed and have no wish to live in this cruel world anymore.

I take leave from this miserable life by drinking this pesticide. The irony.
yours truthfully

p.s. I wish to be buried, with a tombstone as ‘ The unfortunate roach’

Above is the proof submitted by Baygon cockroach killer officials for its effectiveness for the’Product feasibility report 2014′


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