Are you Human?

Alina knew she saw something there, behind the curtain, a silhouette.
Something passed through Alina. She felt it. She could hear whispers in her ear.
Then she saw something. A moment later. It Disappeared in an instant.
She heard a knock behind and turned to see nothing.
She could feel someone breathing on her neck.
Just inches from her face Alina could see something standing in front of her. it had a head but no face. It was of humanoid form.
There was a flash.
She blinked and it was gone.
Her body was numb and she did not breath.
Suddenly she heard a thudding sound behind her. Like some one was running towards her. Then she heard a voice. Someone hugged her from behind.

“Alinaaaaa!, are you okay?, I heard something crashing and I found you here.”, Aruja said in concern
Alina took a big breath.
“We have to leave this place Aru, there is something here, something not human”, Alina was trembling now.
“What are you talking about?, What is not human?”, she clung to Alina’s shoulders.
She was not at all in mood that Alina was.
“Have you been taking those pills again?, they don’t seem to be working well on you, you should avoid using them”.

“No I swear I saw something with no face. It had no Facial features of any sort. It was just blank.” said Alina with her hands still shaking.

“I don’t understand, What Facial features?, are you sure really Okay Alina, dear?”. Aruja sounded worried.

“I am Fine!, Let us leave this place. Please I beg of you.” pleaded Alina.

“Okay Dringo you can come out now. She is really frightened now. The prank has worked is some way”,Aruja said with a tone of accomplishment.

“What the Hell?!, now get down off me Aru.”, she dug her face in the pillow sobbing.
Aruja climbed down from Alina’s shoulders and pulled Dringo from under the bed,”So much for your ghost makeup”, she said skeptically.

“I’m sorry Ali, It was just a prank.”,Dringo told in his most apologetic tone.

Alina Stood up and froze.
Both Aruja and Dringo had no face. They had no Facial features, no nose no eyes not even a curve.
It was blank.
She turned her head and saw her reflection in the mirror.
Her head was the same as her room mates’.
She had no Face.

There was a scream. But the scream could not be heard by anyone.
The human spirit which had just haunted Aruja was screaming but it was silent all around.
Deafening Silence.
~interspecies haunting is difficult 😛


The Late Review -Jigarthanda

First Let me get Straight to the point.
This Movie is really great.

GO get the tickets.
But oh. it is late. Download it. It is really really good.
A class apart from your classic movies.

And this post is full of spoilers.

For every movie, the spine would be its story. Where the characters revolve around the plot, which is entwined by the music and the direction. The direction includes every aspect of the film technically, like the cinematography, the  lighting, the effects, the set etc etc.

Now a Great movie would satisfy those above three lines properly. And that movie is your Jigathanda.

Jigarthanda starts with an aspiring young director, promptly named Karthik Subbramani, who is given the task of directing a bloody and gory Gangster movie. So to write this story he searches for real life gangsters. With his sources he finds one such named Sethu in the all-famed Madurai. How the director gets the information and how he falls into his own doing is the movie’s gist.
The female lead Kayal (Lakshmi Menon) serves as the necessary evil and love in the movie.

The portrayal of Bobby Simha as Assault Sethu is done in a way you’d not expect him to be.
As an actor He is relatively new to us but as this Sethu Character he has already established himself very much.

This movie is laden with plot twist classic cult moments you expect from a Gangster flick.
But one thing this movie has unlike other gangster flick is its Unique way of Plagiarism or adaptation.
I feel that this movie had the style of Sergio leone or Quentin Tarantino in filmography and music.
Especially the interval scene and the music preceding it, though it was stunning, looked like something out from a Tarantino movie.

But it was enticing to see someone use those tricks in South Indian cinemas rather than copying a whole film for no good.
The Music by Santhosh Narayan is Ecstatic and rebellious. the background score for Sethu is done perfectly and in an unconventional manner.

Karunakaran as Karthik’s friend has done his role excellently and how it was expected from him.
The uncanny appearance of Vijay sethupathy is Sleek and surprising.
Anthe support characters have done superbly well with a special mention about Guru Somasundharam as the Acting Trainer.
This movie has some of those dialogues which would stand out for years to come.
The betrayal of a goon, the deaths, the music, the transformation of the Sethu, is all overwhelming as the movie ends.
You’d really want another movie like this.

Can we expect more quality films like these from Karthik Subbaraj in future?
Lets hope.

~Adi uthavura maari annan thambi kuda uthavathu