Surviving a day in Chennai.

Before we start, I’ll set the field why I did this in the first place.

Due to some agonizing personal and private reasons, I did not want to go to college on this particular day, and I did not also want to return home to an array of boring and annoying questions from my then on-leave family and its members. I had around 130 rupees and borrowed a 100 from a friend to whom I will be eternally grateful.
There were no friends I could turn to that day, since fortunately all my friends were responsible enough to go to college or work.(sarcasm intended). I was in full college attire with shoes and all.

And so with 230 rupees in hand I set out to spend a day Chennai, alone.
Since this was all pre-planned I had just a note and a novel in my bag, my earphones, my basic media phone, my kerchief (played an important role in the day) and a funky sun-glass (and an Imaginary Girlfriend).

It was around 7.30 when it was all decided, and I realized that I had around 9 hours to pass.
Seems like a lot of time doesn’t it?
Yes it is.

Without out further ado I took a bus to Besant nagar got a 50 rupees pass. I reached there by 30 minutes and the roads which I knew to be bustling with people and vehicles was empty.
I went to the shore, and pure bliss.
Sun over Sea. It was some of the best sights a person could witness on a morning. Taking that all in, I thought, “okay, maybe this day could go well”.

At a distance I heard someone calling out to me. It was a PC.  A Police Constable.
I walked to him with fear, as if i had killed a person.

He called me and inquired ‘What is the time kanna?’.

And few minutes later we were walking on the shore talking about all those love pairs who were there.
We went to a nearby Kaiyenthi bhavan and he offered me to buy me a breakfast. Yes he BOUGHT his own breakfast. I thanked him an left on my way.
I got the idea of returning to the beach,  sit there and read my novel.
But, it was 9 o clock. and now I did not know what to do. The sun was also showing up.

I boarded the bus towards Thiruvanmiyur but due to some unknown reason my mind asked me to get down at Madhya Kailash. I walked all the way to IIT in an Idea of visting a friend in IIT. but I remembered he was out of town. I started walking towards koturpuram in an idea of visiting Anna centenary library but my luck was acting upon me. It was closed that day for maintenance.
With nowhere to go I started walking, With earphones in my ears I felt like I owned the road. and I incidentally reached Birla Planetarium, which was also closed.

And suddenly my phone rang. It was my Brother. Completely Ignoring the call I carried on.

Time being 10.30 am, my stomach was beginning to give distress calls.
I again put aside the idea of reading my novel in park nearby.
Since my 50 rupees was spent in bus pass. I just had a 180 remaining.
I reached a small shop to buy something to buy where a Heated argument was happening between two people. And all of a sudden they began punching up each other.

Wondering what it could be, I bought a biscuit pack and a polo stick.
I sat on a bench put up there watching the fight. I struck up a conversation with the shop guy but he did not know why they were fighting. By now They were cussing each other.
Suddenly they stopped and walked towards me and passed me. They asked the shopkeeper something, who pointed to me.
To be Frank I was quite shocked at his gesture. They approached me and asked me something.
I was a little bewildered.
‘Thambi, Time enna pa?’
They were drunk.
I told them it was 11.15 am and left the place silently.
‘What the hell is it with people and time today?!’

The sun showing all its glory to people on earth, I was walking with my sunglasses and earphones blaring in my ears.
I did not know what that place was.
I found a bus stop and sat there. I was the only person in that place.
After almost half an hour there still was no bus.
I just thought of leaving, and a bus came by that read teynampet.

‘Oh Yes!’, I thought. ‘I could watch a movie in sathyam’

With just 165 rupees in hand I had to plan my lunch and movie with that.
I boarded the bus. and a sudden Brainwave.

I realized I was moving in the wrong direction. Away from Theatre.

I got down in a hurry. and boarded the right bus.
It was 12 o clock sharp when I got down. The sun was showing off its lighting skills.

On the way I saw a paani poori shop, I spent around 30 rupees for my lunch there.
On the street corner I saw a Amma Unavagam.
I faceplamed my self repeatedly.

I went to sathyam and took a ticket for this hollywood movie. It was about some alien outlaws protecting people.
I thought, ‘At last the day is gonna be done, the movie might take atleast till 4.30′.

The inter mission passed.

and by 3.15 I was forcefully chucked out of the theatre.

There again I was standing not knowing what to do.
I took a polo and put my earphones on again.

I was walking towards nowhere when a mother was taking her little kid home from school.
This kid cute as a little panda cub, was telling some stories to his mom, something about some fight. the mom was listening intently. Such pure love only women can give.

I thought I was screwed cause I just had 15 rupees in hand.
I had no other way but to reach home. I was at my wit’s end. and had no idea.
I took the bus towards my home and yet again my mind acted up and I got down near Semmozhi poonga.
The entry fee being 5 rupee, I entered and went around the whole park enjoying the beauty of nature that was starkly different from the city outside that was.

There a lot girls. Pretty girls.
Some single, some paired. But most of them pretty. (isn’t nature the best?)

Once again I due to some reason did not want to read my novel there.

I left the park around 4.50 and embarked my bus.
There were a three girls sitting in the last row conversing in English.
That bus being surprisingly and fairly empty, I sat in seat that was before them.

One of the Girls commented at me, something about my appearance, It irritated me and agitated me.
I kept quiet.
Though my earphones were on I could not help but hear their conversation about me.
Now, remember that I had been roaming all day, my face was over tanned, My dress was ruffled and my hair was matt and I was sweating profusely.
Their conversation was aimed on men like us who didn’t have decency and culture.
That we were some kind of I country brutes who always wanted to flirt and we were the reason women did not have security here.

I still was maintaining my silence.

My stop was nearing, so I stood up. Quickly this girl gave a staring glance at me and turned head head.

I did something I’d never imagined I’d do.

I went up to her and said,’Ummm excuse me, I could not help but listen what you were saying, Not all men are alike, not all of us behave or talk aloud and indecently as you just did. Yes, That maybe your opinion but here this is my opinion too.’

She was dumbfounded and stuttered something. Her friends shocked at this sudden incident.

Before Getting down, I said,’and hey you’re not even ogle worthy’.
Her Friends chuckled.

In my ears, a song from VIP had started.

I reached home, refreshed and sat down to read that novel at last.
Inside that was a 100 rupee note.

Fate is mysterious isn’t it?
~Kerchief was my best bet against pollution there.


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