The makes-you-think-deep post.

Life is a Bitch.

Don’t think. Yet.

I’m going to put forth a very simple yet meaningful question. ‘What is the purpose of life?’

The instant you read the above question you might delve into the depth of your thoughts for an answer or just disregard this post as another one of those inspirational shite.
But I ask you to read further. you will not regret it.

Most of my readers and friends will know that this part of life -where you’re about to or have finished your under grad- is and is going to be very difficult or rather dazed, but let us not venture further into that cause there are various other blogs, sites and movies that tell you about that.

But almost all of us in this stage wonder what is the purpose of all this complications we impose upon ourselves and what will be the ramifications of these in future?

There is is this awful feeling that comes when the things you believe so faithfully are not true.
I will show it to you.

What if all this is for nothing? What if you die the next day you get into your most dreamed job? What if world apocalypse begins after you propose to that someone? What if Aliens attack us after you get an A+ in math? Very depressing right?

This is all appalling to our human senses.
and talking about senses, do you know that we don’t only have 6 senses but somewhere around 14?
MindFuck right?

Again, why are we talking about all this? oh yeah the purpose of life.
See? so are we leading a life that is not true?
are we being fooled by others and ourselves?
Well, the answer would be a Yes and a No and a Maybe.

Yes is for ‘Are we being fooled?’
No is for ‘Are we being fooled by others?’
Maybe is for ‘Are we being fooled by ourselves?’

You would know why by now.
Awful feeling yet?
Yes, Life is a Bitch.

Once again, the purpose? We’re there. Almost.

In all your life you would Have had certain goal(s) at different periods.
At times you might have reached those goals or you might have failed them.
but just after the goal was definitively achieved or lost, there must’ve been a temporary lull in life.
There will arise a question ‘What next?’.

No one knows the answer for that, well at least not a solid one unless and until someone or something interferes.
This point is where life becomes confusingly clear.

This Clarity is that ‘Change is inevitable, Change is eternal’.
You might wonder how this writer is gonna link it with the purpose of life.

Purpose of life is Change.
Purpose of life is TO Change.

Now I have arrived at the conclusion of my Blog and you must’ve understand the purpose of life.
Or have you?

Wondering why this blog is so vague on so many levels? (Wow, I see you shaking you head violently!)
To prove what ever is said of course.

Choice is Eternal.
~Everything is Nothing, Nothing is Anything.


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