Of Scire and Gott.

This controversy has existed ever since.
God Vs. Science.
On reading the above sentence we immediately begin thinking about atom, planets, space, magic, temples, ancients and what not?!.

The words seem most opposite as possible. You know why.
-In the view of religion Science is seen as the Destroyer of faith and belief of people over the Deity, though this faith is one of major reason for greatest miracles in life.
-Here Science does not exactly view Religion as a competitor, but in its path of progress Science does disprove some of the religion’s greatest beliefs and promises.

But lets try viewing Religion and Science as different paths towards one destination.
That destination designated as God or ultimate moksha in religion and as the unambiguous knowledge and evident answers or ultimate awareness in Science.

Lets start from the Beginning. The very Beginning.
-Here science is almost at the brink of proving that Big bang theory is true. Yes it is almost, but not proved and also there are various other theories like string theory and steady state theory which can be a strong competitor to Big bang theory.
-But our religions prove to better at origin of universe, where a divine entity skillfully designed the whole system. Each religion has its own unique and very logical(?) explanation for the origin of universe or at least earth.
Religion kinda sweeps away on this.

Now to the creatures and living beings on earth.
-almost all religion state humans as the first created living being and other animals for his use. There is also a belief that humans were created in the image of the ultimate being.
-Science makes not mistake here. Via the brains and intelligence of Darwin’s Theory of evolution Science clearly states that humans were merely a by-product from the nature’s lab.
In fact everything is.

Now to a more closer look on this much argued species, no not the cats. Its us the humans.
-Science generally divides things into ‘living’ and ‘non-living’ things and we’re fortunately ‘living’. Science tell us that humans are born, developed, grown and dead as a part of the natural selection process. This natural selection is the main reason we exist or not.
-Most Religions on the other hand tell us that humans are merely a vessel for the soul which is eternal or has a longer life to tread. There is a Deity for every process of the soul and body in religion like Hades as for after life and Shiva for destruction.

Though this ‘soul’ concept is debatable in the field of Science and this can be taken as a point where Religion and Science begin to merge into a single path.

There are research proofs that some kind of energy leaves the body at the time of death.
Though this energy is spiritually called a ‘soul’, science also adapts this term.
There are photographic and research based proofs that the body becomes somewhat ’empty’ after death. So Religions and Science Hi5 each other here.

It the case of Space and time, Hindu mythology has predicted about the nine planets and their positions almost accurately.
In Mayan and Aztec Myth there are evidences and artifacts of a plane like figure.
This figure can supposedly levitate over earth. So planes eh?
There is a Reference to Nuclear explosions and its effects in Bible.
Ancient Egyptians perfected the art of preserving dead bodies by a method called ‘Embalming’. This embalming is a kind of science which is very difficult to perform even now. This embalming was used to Preserve the body of their God Kings for their after life.

In almost every Religion of God worshiping there is a after life.
This after life takes the so called soul to places away from earth like Hell, Heaven, Spirit world, Midworld, Netherrealm, Underworld, Abyss, Limbo, Purgatory and many more.
These places denote that life is not only possible on earth but also on other planets or realms.
This also Signifies that there may be more than one dimension or realm.

Now we reach the closure. God.
How does science define God or rather Universal intelligence?
“A superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.”Religion theorizes that God is supreme being who can only be achieved or realized by means of masterful control of senses or Total awareness.
This awareness is said be obtained by meditation, chanting of mantras or pure belief and faith at times.
In science this ‘masterful control’ means Knowledge.
And knowledge is got from Proof, Facts and evidences from sciences.

At this moment I’d like to give my own theory.
Let us consider that God(s) exists.
What if our ancients studied the universe and its characteristics and gained knowledge enough to become Totally aware and achieve Moksha?
What if these people became various Gods of Various Locations thereby forming Various religions.

You’d also wonder why this knowledge was not bestowed to other people. May be because This knowledge would be devastating in the hands of wrong people.
That is why Such great knowledge was redacted and refined. and was put up in such a way that only deserving people would reach it.

God might have been human.

So I suppose that I have given enough reasons for you to believe science and religion are one and the same.
Let us hope for the best.

~Anbe Sivam


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