ummm… AWKWARD!

Some times we how ever we manage ourselves we end up in situations where you end up being queasy and alien to situation.

You begin to act up such that someone random might say that ‘Well that escalated quickly’.
At these time you would want die there instantly. Twice. Forever.

Here are some instances you can relate to your awkward everyday life.
-First, Waving and shouting a weird nick name at someone who you think they’re, but they’re not.
I love the reaction after the realisation dawns.
-Talking to someone who is lost in his ear phones.
Don’t you wanna erase your face after that?
-Forgetting a joke halfway through.
People love these type of jokes, erm.. jokers.
-How are you?.> Doing good, how about you? > Good, Thanks, and you?.
Wow your face looks uncomfortable and funny too.
-Tripping in front of a crowd and playing it cool.
They all laughed, yes they did. They still do.
-Missing a Hi-5 and doing a fistbump instead.
After this its always bye-5 for you.
-Getting wronged for a worker in a shop while shopping.
Great job man.
-Made fun of, by a child.
Isn’t humor the best thing, for everyone else?
-Getting stuck in an immovable position in crowded spaces like elevators.
They all saw it. SAW IT.
-Going out With a love couple.
You have a big heart. and even bigger brain which is empty.
-Choosing paths in a narrow way.
Personal advice, if its a lady, go WITH her.
-Eye contact with anyone stranger or friend.
The awkwardness materialises.
-And Basically, life in general.
-I know, I know. you suck.

~welcome to my blog… oh wait.


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