Speed Thrills with, High petrol bills.

A tear left my right eye horizontally.
Dust was bombarding into my naked face with blistering speed, it almost scraped my face off.
My vision was blurred, reason: a speed above 100 kmph.

I did not know if the brakes were working or if the vehicle behind me would respond quickly if if pull to a sudden stop.
My heart was drumming every time the two wheeler took dangerous overtakes and impossible curves.
I swayed gracefully with the vehicle’s turns and twists.

It was as if the time was slowing down and I was outside the Time-space fabric.
The sun was becoming hotter, so was the vehicle’s engine. Red hot with Torque.
From the passersby point of view it should’ve been like another version of lightning, just slightly visible than the original.

I did not bother about the petrol the engine was gulping down or the condition of the road or the rules of the road. The speed was blissful.
I had no idea what would happen if I crash.
But I knew this -Speed is Addicting.
I had no helmet or licence or care for all the world.
The vehicle rarely slowed for the bumps or speed breakers on the road

I was comfortable in my Pillion seat.
The view was Great from behind.

~Google: ‘Pillion seat’
Thank you


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