How to be a Perfect Villain Guide for dummies.

Wasn’t Joker a great villain in The Dark Knight?
but he was not your perfect Villain. Yes he Had his own Flaws and Mistakes. Face it.

We’ve all had our own favorite villains, though they change from time to time only very few stay in our hearts and eat it out.
Let us see if they come under these criteria.

Primarily these are your type of villains.
-Man Hunters
-Vengeance Holders
-Situational Murders
-Passionate Killers

You decide Which category you fall under.

But all of these villains have a common trait: They are EVIL.

So what defines a Perfect Villain?
-Firstly its his Composure. A villain must never lose his composure, he must lose his cool when something goes wrong or go off guard when his plan worked perfectly. A villain is UNNATURALLY CALM. (yep sathyaraj)
But the is always a ‘but’. He can go into berserk mode if he is facing the Hero or another Equal Villain.(Raghuvaran Sir! and Jack Torrance)
-Then He must always act alone even though he has an array of thugs and killers at his disposal. He must have a backup plan for himself even for the best of his plans.(Heya Joh Kerr!)
-If the villain is a ‘She’ she should have followers such that she need not even talk. They act just with her Body language, and since she is a woman she may use the seduction trick at heroes. (that kill bill woman if anyone knows)
-A Villain always has some trick up his sleeve, even after the last trick. (Khan Noonien Singh, Ra’s Al Ghul and many more!)
-They always Make drastic change in plan to his favor of course. (Hans Gruber anyone?)
-He or She has some interesting hobby. (‘Monsieur’ Calvin Candy and his Mandingos)
-Importantly He/She must use the Weapon of “SARCASM” as often as possible. (Vegeta, and most others!)
-They must always have a backstory which is only as truthful as the forgiveness they’re gonna give you. (Keyser Soze!)
-They Must and can kill people with supernatural speed, ease and power and Heartlessly. (Darth Vader)
-The corpses they leave will mentally scar you or even kill you. (John Doe from Se7en and Hannibal Lecter)
-They must always die at the end.(All Villains)
-And Importantly, Somehow return Back with Badass style again. (You know who.)

So do you have it to be the best villain?

~a Word from a married Friend summing up all this: Wife.
p.s. oh and the thing about Joker? it was a joke. 😛


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