The *beeping* annoying post.

WE all are Communal beings. We are interdependent on each other, though we may seem independent we are stringed to each other other by an invisible thread. But there is always this irritating abominations that tend to *beep* up this system.

We see these dumbheads in our day-today lives. While some of us ignore them, some of us can’t digest it. Here are some Examples,
-In heavy traffic and bright sunlight there is always this *beephole*  who honks the horn like he laid the*beeping* road.
-Another guy who does not allow the *beeping* honker to go his way, and deliberately blocks him.
-This another person who sits in a office and disrespects everyone who approaches him/her, though we respect them.
-oh but we forget he/she has to meet so many idiotic *beepers* on a day and treat them like a person we appointed.
-That government guy (its usually men), in a government bus who treats you like you owe him something, not even respecting you age or randomness.
-Those Passengers who do not know *beeping* public decency. (*beep* them!)
-Those *beepheads*  who smoke in a crowded public space, though you indirectly signal him that you find it offensive and those *dumbbeeps* who spit while the public transport is moving.
-And that *beepbeeper* who skips the line in queue.
-And also that creepy *beep* that comments publicly at your friends or relatives.
-Now don’t forget that irritating and annoying *beephole* that stops your vehicle though you have all your documents and stuff simply for money. (that piece of *beep*)
-Also don’t forget about YOURSELF.

~them *beeping* *beep* *beepers*


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