-In the town of Episteme there were 3 -friends Snap, Crackle & Pop. They were normal college Beauts and were very popular around. But they bullied their classmate Magus. This Magus had a knack for Magic and Hypnotism. She was constantly ridiculed for her weirdness and abnormalities. They were Orphans.

“There goes magician douchebag”, called out Snap at Magus who was entering the Women’s restroom.
“Lets follow her and get our lunch money.” she continued. Crackle and Pop followed her obediently.
To their surprise Magus was leaning on the wide Bathroom mirror with an air of courage around her.
they were a bit surprised as she normally doesn’t even look up.

The only sound was of water drips.

“the moron is drunk eh?” whispered Crackle to Pop.
“shush!, she is chanting some spells on us, look at her lips” said Snap in low voice.
 “the little bitch is trying to curse us? Haha, what is she gonna do? make our noses grow long? grow warts on our face?, or worse make us look like her?! HAHAHAHA!!” Snap’s voice bellowed through the empty toilet.

“No, as a matter of fact I haven’t learned to curse yet. so as of now I’m going to hypnotise you three.” replied Magus slowly.
They could sense a change in her voice, she clearly was not afraid of them now.
This brought in a tingle over their skin.

“Do you best.”, retorted Snap.

With out hesitation she went around the girls in a wide circle, and mumbled something to herself.
and out loud she said “When I Click my tongue and Snap my fingers you shall be my servants until I
free you.”
There was a loud click and a snap. it echoed onto the ceiling and floor.

Silence, Pure Bland Silence. Even the dripping seemed to have stopped.

After Few moments Magus’ face changed, it was the face of disappointment.

The Trio Laughed at Magus and Gave a humiliating snare at her and left the place. They were shaken up too.

Jounce was looking at all this from outside the restroom and felt bad for Magus. The bullying still continued whenever they saw her and Magus was the butt of the trio’s jokes.
A Year later, Magus was now dating Jounce.

News was that Snap went to Europe to Pursue higher studies, Crackle Moved with her step-parents and Pop Was Married to some one in another state.

One night, at Magus’ House -“dear, would you bring me the Paint brush and my hand book?” asked  Magus.

“Please, let me do it Ma’am!” Chimed in another voice.
“Your wish, honey” smiled Magus.

A Floor above, a young figure was Cleaning the Bathroom
The Reflection on the tub was a Beautiful and Pretty Face.
But the Mind was Screaming “Somebody help me! Please, Help me someone Let me out of my mind!!! HELP US!!”

But Snap’s face was still Smiling calmly, Very calmly. Magus didn’t even twitch.

In a police station nearby The case of ‘three missing girls’ was still open in a dusty file.

~ click and snap! Hypotised yet?


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