thup! thup! thup!..
-you can feel the blood rushing behind your ears after running.
-you curse the conductor under your breath for not stopping in the respective stop.
-you find yourself half way between city and a barren lands.
-your only hope left you a moment ago.
-you’re stranded with a few strangers in which few of them look like thieves and others like goonda. you can’t blame them, its your mind playing tricks.
-your tongue is dry and feels like a combination of sand and cotton, you don’t salivate or even sweat.
-at a distance you could the next bus crowded even more than the previous one, some how you embark it.
-after a battle of body, mind and ego you reach your destiny, for now.
-you fear the problems you’re gonna have when you reach home.
-but everything changes when you smell the sweet aroma from the cup.
-you know future is gonna be hard to venture but instead you choose to take in the delicious redolence through your nose.
-you bless your Mom for what she has given you.
-every sip feels like an eternity of peace and calmness as the warm liquid glides through your throat.
-and it hits you ‘Instant Coffee is Instant heaven’
-life goes on….

~Life is happy, daily coffee.


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