The Early Morning blog.

Last night Maybe you were in this awesome party, you got drunk and snuck into your house onto your bed.
or you were up all night playing DOTA 2 or some other video game,
maybe watching a movie or simply Social networking,
(and yes nobody studies on saturday nights)
and now you wake up as late as 9 (for some its even 12 am).
-you find your Mom standing near your bed saying ‘kanna wake up and drink your coffeema’ -with  pleasant smile.
-you look at your phone for notifications, may be your sweetheart has sent you a cute good morning or your friends have given some like to your profile pic
-in the background you hear some divine music as you groggily get down from your bed and start walking towards bathroom.
-and this incredible smell of vadacurry/non-veg soup welcomes into daylight.
-you brush and drink your coffee and your brother offers the newspaper.
-and the day goes pleasantly.

-now enough dreaming sucker! WAKE UP!

-after you dad has smacked you on your back (at times your face!) your brother violently pulls you down from the bed (his kind of fun).
-and mom shouts ‘shaniyane nightu poora antha phone ahyum computerayum nonditu maadu maari thoongartha paaru, ithellam padichi enga urupada potho?’
-forced into the shower you’re left without any soap and no one to answer your cries. (you can feel you brother doing a evil laugh
-and you don’t even want to think about the message and notifications you saw in your phone.(sooo evil)

~Happy sunday (or sandai?)


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