Trollywood Tropes.

A bullet leaves a shotgun incredibly fast out of the barrel silently (silencers, yeah) and hits a guy in the head.
He falls down agonizing in pain and he utters something to his Friend and dies slowly.
The goonda who shot this escapes quickly in his horse.
The friend vows revenge.
^this is your hint.

Yes yes, we have the Great Thalaivar, The UlagaNayagan, The Thala and Thalapathy.
what I wrote above is just a fraction of otherwise fantastical reality mixed with sillyness of the south Indian Cinema multiverse.

There are Heroes and directors who painstakingly give us on-your-face-reality films,
while others do this
“people don’t know computers, you can run searches in a media player”
“Who needs brakes? Go and Pray. Train will reverse. Faith bitches”
“Hit a guy on his chest, he bounces off the ground. twice.”
“My car can do a flip twist and a barrel roll of a cliff and still land safely. Physics Suck.”
“Hero gets beaten to pulp, comes back from dead to kill villain”
“Lost a Semifinal match. no problem, you can win Finals, you’re the hero anyway.”

Are we so foolish?
I seriously don’t have the answer.


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