Acute Randomness

-Joe Chill wasn’t a good man but he was the reason Batman exists and we’re Super crazy on him.
-Without William Cullen There wouldn’t be cool drinks. Not Cool. I love him.
-I really Respect philospher Mo Ti. He is the guy responsible for our handsome and awesome (I mean mine) profile pics.
-Well, ‘Group Hug’ was a shitty title for the otherwise awesome Marvel Assembly.
-Yes French Fries are not patriotic.
-Joseph Kerr is the best nemesis for Bats. Hands Down.
-It was an awesome and thrilling season at Anaheim this year! MLG all the way.!

Confused? Well this is how exactly we people (again me though people can join me) feel when others update about a sports or movie or series we don’t know.
(Game of Thrones, Football, Racing tennis and various other anime fans I’m looking at you)

~sunday night confession.


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