The Shocking Tremor.

I was walking over the curb yesterday night,
it was dark, gloomy, and the temperature was humid than normal.
a huge fly buzzed past me. Ignoring the winged threat I was walking alone with my mind full of thoughts.
Suddenly a big splash of water fell over me -it was not raining. cursing who ever did that to me, I kept walking on.
There was this large puddle in which few children were playing, I walked around the puddle smiling to myself at the children’s joy.
In a distance I saw a bright light flashing, then it was accompanied by sweet light music.
Must be a party or celebration I thought.
seconds later there was a violent land shake, it almost toppled me over, I lost my balance but regained my composure before I could fall down.
I knew it was a quake, but so great in magnitude and effect. My  Family flashed before my eyes and I was panicking -but the sweet music never stopped.
My senses sprang up through my antennae, I started running, running as fast as I can.
As fast as my six Ant legs would take me.
I forgot I was an ant in the panic.

~En phone adichithu 😀


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