Sucker punch

Life is like you’re running on the road and see an Ice cream vendor. You buy an ice cream for yourself, but before you can lick it a cute little girl tugs your pants asking for it -you give it away.
Then you buy another one, again another cute kid comes and the same thing happens.
again you buy another one this time around nobody comes. when you try to lick it you fall down.
it was those kids that tripped you. now they rob you, buy another ice cream for each other. bring that ice cream and throw it on your shirt. and kick you in your shin. drop a nuke on your face and runaway. Now another guy who was chasing you comes and he takes all you clothes and money and goes away.
Isn’t life a Dark hearted sadistic soul sucking Satan’s minion?

A huge NO.

You are that Ice cream vendor. The good guy. You’re lucky enough to see bad people get Nuked.

~Life is Short to be Bad.


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