The Veg-non-Veg Stir

every Semi-Vegetarian loves eating Non-veg food. and yes, most of the Positive Vegetarians either despise  or stay away from non-veg food.
But there are people who have turned from Non-veg Eater to Veg food Eater. This is about those people. i.e. Me. (yeah go ahead, roll your eyes)
There a few Knacks of being a Veg Convert.

-Your NV friends can hang out with you, with out any hesitation.
-They need not worry about the smell or sight affecting you.
-You can also steal a good smell as long as it lasts if you wish. (yes I’m guilty).
-Your V Friends (yes I’m looking at you Iyers) will always have a company to eat.
-Nobody will try to secretly feed you or force you to eat NV since they know you know NV.
-You can save money with V food (unless you’re me).
-and hey if you believe in karma, Tharman.M.A. will cut you some slack.

What ever it is Do enjoy and Respect you food (note pannungada note pannungada :P)

~Food = Feeling.


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