The Dirty and Vengeful post.

Early morning -Previous days’ excessive fluid intake (more of  ‘more’, little less of juices) had forced me to the bathroom. In a little Usain Bolt like sprint I reached there only to look at a horror.
A huge cockroach was sitting near the edge of the basin. I was wondering ‘where had this monster come out from, suddenly?!’.
-‘It must’ve come to scout the area for further occupation’.
By this time the crawler had moved inside the basin. -I can’t kill it, the darned thing can live with out its head for a *beeping* week.
now what do I do?, I thought. and suddenly it was all clear.
I knew what I must do. It was not what needed, but it was what had to be done. It was NECESSARY.
My primordial instinct came out, and I did it.
I pulled the Flush lever.
in few gargling seconds it disappeared into nowhere, into the void, into another dimension.
with a maniacal laugh in my head, I came out.
at a distance I could see something Flying towards me.

~Yes I forgot doing that what I came to do. 😀


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