Engineer Chronicles.

Like me not all are on Facebook or other social networks on the night before exams.
^the above sentence is as untrue as what our parents had to say about Engineering.
college is an illusion, a mirage -the best there is.
It is full of fun, joy, kalais, outings etc.
^again this is wrong. it is made up of selfish fights, professor vs student insults, useless notes, printouts, tests etc. (et cetera as in infinity)
a semester -literally meaning half of academic year, but in reality it half of our time wasted taught to not do engineering in the future.
at time of exams, the impossible is NOT done.
in case you don’t know what impossible is, it is reading a whole book over night. In engineering the students don’t have the respective subject book or would’ve been brainwashed by friends to NOT STUDY.
Kadallaye illayam.

~Engineering is the best kind of science, Engineering isn’t the best kind of Degree.


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