Trollywood Tropes.

A bullet leaves a shotgun incredibly fast out of the barrel silently (silencers, yeah) and hits a guy in the head.
He falls down agonizing in pain and he utters something to his Friend and dies slowly.
The goonda who shot this escapes quickly in his horse.
The friend vows revenge.
^this is your hint.

Yes yes, we have the Great Thalaivar, The UlagaNayagan, The Thala and Thalapathy.
what I wrote above is just a fraction of otherwise fantastical reality mixed with sillyness of the south Indian Cinema multiverse.

There are Heroes and directors who painstakingly give us on-your-face-reality films,
while others do this
“people don’t know computers, you can run searches in a media player”
“Who needs brakes? Go and Pray. Train will reverse. Faith bitches”
“Hit a guy on his chest, he bounces off the ground. twice.”
“My car can do a flip twist and a barrel roll of a cliff and still land safely. Physics Suck.”
“Hero gets beaten to pulp, comes back from dead to kill villain”
“Lost a Semifinal match. no problem, you can win Finals, you’re the hero anyway.”

Are we so foolish?
I seriously don’t have the answer.


Could. Not. Resist.

I’ve always wanted to write about English or rather deliberately wrongly spelt English.
No, I’m not talking about people who don’t know proper English ,they’re the best and try their best.
This is about the other side -The ones who KNOW English.

Text a person ‘Hi, how are you?’. and they reply ‘m gd, nd hru?’
at first I never understood any of this, but after I Finished my German A1 it all made sense, Yeah.

Well some of the can be forgiven cause they punctuate.
and others, well, you decide. They’re like “i lik cukng my famly my dog nd my phne” (okay, what?!)

The most punk type are these. The ones that misspell words for style.
There was a post that said “Mi Baybee iz duh besht in duh wurld, hee cuks yevry daii fur meh :D”
I ACTUALLY Googled this for some kind of spell or incantation.

My favorite: The Typos
Yesterday, I walked into a Bra.
^I’m just gonna leave this here.
And if you’re wondering, I belong here.

If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur

~My favorite nation -ExplaNation.

Acute Randomness

-Joe Chill wasn’t a good man but he was the reason Batman exists and we’re Super crazy on him.
-Without William Cullen There wouldn’t be cool drinks. Not Cool. I love him.
-I really Respect philospher Mo Ti. He is the guy responsible for our handsome and awesome (I mean mine) profile pics.
-Well, ‘Group Hug’ was a shitty title for the otherwise awesome Marvel Assembly.
-Yes French Fries are not patriotic.
-Joseph Kerr is the best nemesis for Bats. Hands Down.
-It was an awesome and thrilling season at Anaheim this year! MLG all the way.!

Confused? Well this is how exactly we people (again me though people can join me) feel when others update about a sports or movie or series we don’t know.
(Game of Thrones, Football, Racing tennis and various other anime fans I’m looking at you)

~sunday night confession.

Inspiration of love.

Yes, I know you’re trying your best to make me happy, make us happy.
at times we might not be perfectly happy duo but we’ve had our best times. but honey do not let hope, go ahead, do your best. You should always remember that I’m there for you. In life ups and downs may come but only Progress breaks the downfalls and returns you to equilibrium.
I am giving my best dear, to help you move forward, to pace through the dips and lags, but only you can persevere and move carry on forward.
Never slow down! Never give in to false Advertisements! Break the Shackles and limits!
The result will be joyous for you and also everyone around you and me. My hearty wishes to move up further.
You’re the best. You will always be the best.

-^me talking to my Download bar.


Sucker punch

Life is like you’re running on the road and see an Ice cream vendor. You buy an ice cream for yourself, but before you can lick it a cute little girl tugs your pants asking for it -you give it away.
Then you buy another one, again another cute kid comes and the same thing happens.
again you buy another one this time around nobody comes. when you try to lick it you fall down.
it was those kids that tripped you. now they rob you, buy another ice cream for each other. bring that ice cream and throw it on your shirt. and kick you in your shin. drop a nuke on your face and runaway. Now another guy who was chasing you comes and he takes all you clothes and money and goes away.
Isn’t life a Dark hearted sadistic soul sucking Satan’s minion?

A huge NO.

You are that Ice cream vendor. The good guy. You’re lucky enough to see bad people get Nuked.

~Life is Short to be Bad.

The Shocking Tremor.

I was walking over the curb yesterday night,
it was dark, gloomy, and the temperature was humid than normal.
a huge fly buzzed past me. Ignoring the winged threat I was walking alone with my mind full of thoughts.
Suddenly a big splash of water fell over me -it was not raining. cursing who ever did that to me, I kept walking on.
There was this large puddle in which few children were playing, I walked around the puddle smiling to myself at the children’s joy.
In a distance I saw a bright light flashing, then it was accompanied by sweet light music.
Must be a party or celebration I thought.
seconds later there was a violent land shake, it almost toppled me over, I lost my balance but regained my composure before I could fall down.
I knew it was a quake, but so great in magnitude and effect. My  Family flashed before my eyes and I was panicking -but the sweet music never stopped.
My senses sprang up through my antennae, I started running, running as fast as I can.
As fast as my six Ant legs would take me.
I forgot I was an ant in the panic.

~En phone adichithu 😀

The Veg-non-Veg Stir

every Semi-Vegetarian loves eating Non-veg food. and yes, most of the Positive Vegetarians either despise  or stay away from non-veg food.
But there are people who have turned from Non-veg Eater to Veg food Eater. This is about those people. i.e. Me. (yeah go ahead, roll your eyes)
There a few Knacks of being a Veg Convert.

-Your NV friends can hang out with you, with out any hesitation.
-They need not worry about the smell or sight affecting you.
-You can also steal a good smell as long as it lasts if you wish. (yes I’m guilty).
-Your V Friends (yes I’m looking at you Iyers) will always have a company to eat.
-Nobody will try to secretly feed you or force you to eat NV since they know you know NV.
-You can save money with V food (unless you’re me).
-and hey if you believe in karma, Tharman.M.A. will cut you some slack.

What ever it is Do enjoy and Respect you food (note pannungada note pannungada :P)

~Food = Feeling.